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White spots white spots

É white spots are common in fingernails and usually curable
These spots result from disease of the base of the nail and do not call attention to it
Disappear Bouhdha

Diseases that lead to white patches Zhor finger nails??

Lack of calcium, zinc, lead to the appearance
Continuous exposure to the cold
So are the symptoms of anemia "Anemia" resulting from iron deficiency
With the appearance of nails pale and faint

Treatment, good nutrition

It is important that the person dealing with foods rich in iron, calcium and vitamin (b) and potassium because it is useful foodstuffs of the nails, but also to the rest of members of the body and is in soy products, celery, yogurt, eggs and seafood ...
Other foods important to strengthen the nails and nutrition almonds, garlic, spinach, tuna, cinnamon

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