"Alvittorin" does not cause cancer

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"Alvittorin" does not cause cancer

Dubai - those who do not know the drug Vytorin Alvittorin say, that modern medicine address the high cholesterol in the blood, characterized by that it is a partnership between the main types of drugs in this area: zocor company Merck, and Merck and Zetia from Schering-plough.

In 2008, the debate on this drug some doubts raised by one study, the existence of a potential link between the use of Alvittorin, and increase the likelihood of cancer.
Foundation began to Food and Drug Administration "FDA" to conduct business; fact the validity of this information.

Today, the IAEA has reached some of the findings made by the new permit, after reviewing the data presented by a series of studies conducted for different objectives such as the study called SEAS included 1873 patients with narrowing or blockage of the aortic heart valve, in order to determine whether the reduction in harmful LDL cholesterol Balvittorin, will also reduce the number of major cardiovascular incident, serious, and the result did not prove such a possibility.

In addition to two other studies SHARP and IMPROVE-IT engulfed 20000 patients, have shown no increase in the likelihood of cancer with the use of this drug, although the use of Alvittorin did not reduce the number of deaths for various reasons, these tests are still based on the hope of reaching the final results
more accurate.

Conversely returned Foundation Food and Drug Administration to recall that the hypothesis of increased risk of cancer with the use of Alvittorin, is incorrect in principle, therefore, not been doctors or patients to refrain from the use of any medications mentioned above.

She added that the tests conducted on animals did not demonstrate a correlation between use of zocor and zetia, and increase the incidence of cancer at this time.

SEAS study has supported this theory when you use Alvittorin, especially as seen from the increase in the proportion of cancer had been in different positions can not be related to using one drug at all.

The FDA emphasized that the studies mentioned above will continue to search for any other hypotheses related to this matter, pointing out that the study of SHARP will not end before the end of this year while the IMPROVE-IT will need until the end of 2012 to meet all the research for them.

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