Pharmacy naturally in your kitchen

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Pharmacy naturally in your kitchen

There is a natural pharmacy in your kitchen from making God Almighty which is a vegetable and fruit

Spices and herbs that Ntolha every day.

Apple: Apple one pharmacy full of water and rich in vitamins, sugar, salts and minerals

Apple is useful for the safety of the teeth, skin and the health of the heart, stomach, joints, kidneys, liver and intestines

It reduces high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol and rids the body of toxins and excess salt

He also renewed activity and removes fatigue and quenches thirst.

Strawberry: It benefits the lungs and patients with anemia and hardening of the arteries

It is also recommended by addressing patients living with diabetes and found that eating plenty of strawberries, while maintaining

A diet that can address a particular disease and yellow liver and bladder.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus refreshing drink in summer and winter it helps

Reduce high blood pressure and works to strengthen the heart and calm the nerves

And benefits as well as in the treatment of atherosclerosis and diseases of the stomach and eliminates harmful bacteria, stomach and intestines.

Honey bees: honey natural antibiotic man earns immunity against diseases

They know that the Mahdi Matef cough and inflammation of the throat and useful in treating digestive disorders, stomach and acidity

It also addresses liver disease and high blood pressure, aging, general weakness and illness pre-eclampsia and cancer

It also works to calm the nerves, and spares the rights of insomnia as Bstkhaddm in the treatment of wounds and inflammatory eye diseases

One of the secrets of maintaining youthful skin.

Garlic: According to patients, high blood pressure, also used in the treatment of fainting

And ease the pain of teeth and is an excellent disinfectant of the gut and protects the body from injury with all kinds of diets

It is recommended in engaging in times of epidemics and diseases, and that garlic protects you from the flu and respiratory diseases

It also protects the body from disease, polio and diphtheria, as it withstands aging.

Orange: the richest food vitamin C, a vitamin essential for the health rights

Howl an active role in the growth of bones and teeth in the young and for human consumption if the price to four medium-sized oranges

A day protected from several diseases ranging from colds to cancer, orange contains 23 nutrient element

Vitamin C and moisturizing effect in human teeth and gums protects teeth from decay and rot.

Artichokes: artichokes beneficial in easing the pain and rheumatic pain relief as well as in

Acute renal and liver and is working to reduce high blood pressure and is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis

Artichoke and antiseptic for the stomach and intestines as he entered the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of liver diseases and gallbladder.

Onions: Onions food and medicine is important for human health, it contains carbohydrate

And mineral content and Kitaminac and onions eaten fresh or roasted Oomsellouka semblance form of tonic soup and onion in

Help to stimulate memory, and calms the nerves and used onions to treat colds, coughs, asthma

Such as angina and treatment of high cholesterol in the blood and benefit the kidneys in the purification and treatment of renal colic

And Asira killer of bacteria and effective treatment for eye diseases and allergies, onions, protects against the risk of stomach cancer

According to get rid of obesity.

Olive: fruit of the olive delicious taste and savory oil is contained vitamin B -

And iron, calcium, phosphorus howl many benefits, it strengthens the heart, stomach and reduces the Percentage of cancer

And enhance the body's immunity is also laxative and useful in the treatment of liver diseases and bearing yellow and lowers blood pressure

Alskeroevtaat and gravel and also used in the treatment of anemia and rickets in children, which softens the skin and strengthens the hair

And prevents hair loss and olive leaves are placed on wounds and burns to alleviate pain and chew olive leaves

To deal with infections and tumors Ip throat.

Watermelon: Watermelon contains a large proportion of water to the thirsty so he tells the

It is rich in vitamins and is conducive to the growth and revitalization of the body and increases immunity against diseases and help man

To digest food that he is also laxative and tonic for the intestines to riches Bstkhaddm fiber in the treatment of constipation.

Balah: There are several types of dates the midst of a red or yellow and some of it like

To Ngelp called wet and some of it is dried dates and the types of different dates of the richest food sources

For humans and the cheapest price and the mussels are many benefits it helps on the strength of vision and integrity of the nerves and treatment of anemia

Cough and tumor parties

Tea: tea consumption of more drinks in the world, a refreshing summer drink

The Idvy Cita and there are no preferred sugar or mint, or jasmine or pink or lemon or milk or herbal medicine

Among the benefits of tea, he uses compresses to reduce swelling of the eyes and useful in the treatment of headaches, fatigue and strengthen muscles

Heart and was useful in protecting the body from injury, a lot of harmful microbes that cause injury in adults

And children with diarrhea and the travails of the colon and digestive diseases that cause food poisoning, as there is no justification

Prevent children from drinking tea under the pretext that he is burning the iron from their bodies, drank diluted at intervals spaced

Especially at a time example of a very important in that it maintains the health and increases the degree of attention.

Pepper: pepper fruits of multiple colors including red, green, yellow, orange

Including the customer or hot (chili) and the fruits are eaten green pepper with a salad and stuffed and cooked

And the intervention of material found in spicy chili pepper in the meat industry and conservation were also included in the pharmaceutical industry

And the work of appliances which are used to treat acute diseases, rheumatism and pepper in all its forms benefit the body

And activates the stomach and strengthens the movements and ease the pain of colic fermentation and helps to calm toothache and gums.

Cabbage: cabbage Menna municipal and French Red cabbage and cabbage duck and covered in man

In his food or Msellouka raw or cooked or stuffed or salted cabbage contains vitamin K, which works to

Prevent bleeding and introduced an element of the sulfur compounds, which helps to expel worms and to protect against gout

And arthritis pain and help address the raw papers to prevent cancer in humans, leaves soft benefit in the treatment of sores

Collard described as a treatment for patients with Alddr and the heart cabbage easy for the stomach and works to generate the urine.

Broccoli: eating human cauliflower, which contains a high percentage of calcium

And iron Nafien for humans also contains vitamin K, which works to prevent bleeding Lübbe proportion of vehicles

Is an element of sulfur by a high enough rate to expel worms from the intestines and eaten cooked broccoli

Or Msellouka or salad, or salted and benefits increased urinary He washed kidney, bladder, Bissaad in the healing

And purified spleen and liver and a hundred re-sound after menopause, as well as by the phosphor screen for structure also reduces chest pain and recover from coughing.

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