Causes of drooling from the mouth during sleep

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Causes of drooling from the mouth during sleep


May be drooling from the mouth because of a problem in the teeth,
In the sense that there is the emergence of front teeth Vinafth mouth during sleep Wiesel saliva,
This enables you to discover yourself.


This may be related to the nose and sinuses, allergies and inflammation in the nose,
Forcing the rights to breathe out of his mouth without feeling Wiesel saliva during sleep;
So you must visit a specialist ear, nose and throat, where you will be able to make disclosure to confirm that


May be caused by an imbalance in this case, the secretion of the salivary glands in the mouth so as to increase excretion of normal,
In this case you should see a doctor to give you a endocrine appropriate treatment.


Might potentially be the presence of intestinal parasites that cause it to get out of saliva during sleep.


There may be a relaxation in the muscles around the mouth opening, so that it automatically after sleep
And drooling, and this case is harder to treat congenital

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