Revealed a recent study in Italy on the effectiveness of Sun products derived from the bark of pine trees to improve eyesight in patients with diabetes, and reducing the vulnerability of eye tissue by high levels of sugar to them. According to specialists is facing a threat diabetes damage the retina, where all people suffer from diabetes, they are type I and more than half of patients suffer a second type of eye tissue affected to some degree during one of the stages of the disease, and may suffer damage to retinal blood vessels, which which threatens the infected blind, citing the island.

Pine for the protection of people with diabetes

الصنوبر لحماية مرضى السكري

The bark of pine strength improves eyesight ..

Previous studies have targeted formulas contain a summary of the bark from the French maritime pine, which is characterized by anti-oxidant characteristics and resistance to congestion and containment materials Filawoonoidz natural and organic acids.

Studies have shown it may help to delay the development of eye tissue damage associated with advanced diabetes, but researchers from the "University of Italy" were resorting to the implementation of the study to discuss the possible preventive effects of the extract concerning the protection of vision in patients with diabetes during the early stages of the affected eye.

According to the results of the study, published in "Pharmacology and Therapeutics visual" to extract the bark of pine trees contributed to the prevention of complications of diabetes with respect to an emotional sense of sight, and worked to improve the functioning of the circulatory system associated with the eye tissue, and reduce the accumulation of fluid in the retina. It also increased the power of vision when the patient in the early stages of eye injury.

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