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Caraway herb bilateral strabismus with the root of the taper is divided feathery leaves striped accurately.
Her legs are ribbed and branching and end each leg bunches of flowers with a tent-like color pink. Oval-shaped fruit of all the fruit small atoms inside. Aromatic herb caraway caraway known scientifically as Carum Carvi platoon of paratroopers Unibelleferae. They grow to 60 cm.

The original home for caraway: Asia, Europe, North Africa and the preferred growth in the sunny areas to a height of 2000 meters above sea level.

User part of the caraway plant: fruit, oil pilot.

Contain the fruits of caraway oil on the pilot of a high content of Alcarvon up where growth is between 40-60% and limonene, also contains flavonoids and polyhedra polysaccharide in addition to the oil firm, which represented up to about 20%.

Uses: used the fruits of caraway widely used primarily as a first recipe for the expulsion of wind and gases from the abdomen. Caraway has been described in traditional medicine to expel wind and diuretic and warming the stomach and digest their food and serve to benefit a great shortness of breath.

An update to talk about the caraway would like to point out that the fruit used in modern medicine to treat hot intestinal colic in children, however, that fills a small bag of cloth and flax seed is heated and then placed over the abdomen and found the bond of the abdominal wall and massage oil seeds Veskin colic. Also used caraway chewy or SVA or taken to fill a spoon and put them to fill the cup of boiled and left to soak for 15 minutes and then filtered and drink before meals to open the appetite, improve digestion and also gives the women in the first days after birth to generate milk. The caraway added with drugs that cause colic, such as laxatives.

It is also soothing to the urinary tract being the anti-spasm, where work on the muscles directly to the release of intestinal colic, as well as all types of emphysema and flatulence and the most important is that it could activate the self and opens the appetite and counteract the irregular heart resulting from excessive wind digestive It also diuretic and anthelmintic on mine. The caraway is used in the kitchen on a large scale, where added to bread, meat, cheese, pickles and soup. The roots are eaten like vegetables and add the tender leaves of the Authority and soup.

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