Damages prolong food preservation refrigeration or freezing

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Damages prolon food gpreservation refrigeration or freezing

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Spread among a lot of housewives malpractices during the preparation, preparation and cooking of different foods and then stored in fridges and freezers, and it causes a loss of some nutrients from vitamins and mineral salts, and others in need of food and the human body and sometimes a change in the taste of food, flavor and smell ... ......
Also commonly used method of cryo-preservation - in domestic refrigerators and commercial alike - of vegetables and fruits, eggs, fruits and dairy products and less fresh meat and some of its products and Kalmrtdela Albestrmp order to prolong the period of storage, supply stores and commercial refrigeration system, particularly to maintain the cold temperature and relative humidity appropriate neither to the different types of food to avoid a loss of moisture, including the length of the period of storage, and cause damage to the surface of fruits, vegetables, fruits Tazgen to enter the micro-to which the internal tissues and corruption, and warns the washing vegetables, fruits and eggs with water before storing in the refrigerator because the washing process conducive to the spread of micro-fungi and bacteria that cause corruption on the surfaces, and provides the presence of moisture even for a short period of time the opportunity for these micro-organisms to the activity and growth and the occurrence of corruption in food commodities, and would prefer not to store salad vegetables in the refrigerator for a long time in order to avoid the loss of part of the content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as a result Toksdh air air and the loss of beneficial effects in the body not to mention the changes in taste and smell of vegetables split when increasing the length of the saved.

The process of storing meat, fish as well as long-term temperatures of about 5 percentage refrigerators to corruption within the microbes, while helping freezing temperatures of less than zero Celsius (and up to -10 degrees Celsius or less) in prolonging the preservation in its natural state for several months , causing prolongation of cryo-preservation of the different kinds of meat and especially fish to an oxidation and fat in Tznk be responsible for the undesirable changes in taste, color, smell, and notes that, particularly when cooking, and this implies the need to avoid prolonging the period of food preservation freezing temperatures to preserve the properties quality for consumers

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