Why the prevention of heart disease?

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Why the prevention of heart disease?

* This topic requires a health awareness and prevention more than others, for two main reasons:

1, while that physicians Azalo in conflict with the bacterial diseases and septic, which had not yet been controlled in their prevention, we multiply and heart disease are exacerbated in modern times, even in developing countries and has previously concentrated in the developed and manufactured, and this topic in diseases classified can be called diseases Altjlatip.
2 The second reason is that this topic be treated diseases was very costly, both in terms of drugs prescribed since an incoming symptoms of the disease, which must be addressed Bintdham life, especially when hard surgical treatment, and Hedda latter might be more effective in the most serious cases, and the solution is surgical prohibitively expensive, and requires the patient after surgery for medicines for life, with continuous monitoring by the physician in charge.

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