Cholesterol and skin ..

Publié par happy-diet mardi 8 décembre 2009

Cholesterol and skin ..

I have high cholesterol Is there an impact on the skin? And how to tackle it?

Affect high cholesterol in the blood to the skin, blisters and appears fatty tumors on the skin. As well as lead to increased fat blisters are yellow in the upper eyelid due to higher levels of lipids in the blood and lower HDL (good cholesterol). And without treatment of this case standing on the skin. Since an estimated 50% of patients suffering from disorder fat, total abstinence from eating fats and testing of Cleostrul and triglycerides and HDL and. LDL. To remedy it is advisable to address patient-lowering drugs Cleostrul and control blood sugar and thus eliminating these tumors lipids. To remove these pimples uses a laser blasting, chemical peels or abrasion.

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