It is necessary to follow a healthy diet varied and balanced cover all basic foodstuffs for a healthy body

For a better life and healthy life far from the diseases and problems. According to scientists and doctors that eating healthy food, diverse and balanced to help combat the risk of these diseases and reduce the health problems that might be suffered by the person

Is diabetes the way to you?

Do you suffer one of the members of your family from diabetes? Do you fear increase your risk of diabetes? When thinking about a healthy diet you should also study the amount of calories needed by the body in increasing intake of calories leads to an increase in weight and often to obesity.

Several studies have indicated that most people who suffer from diabetes also suffer from obesity and lack of exercise. The results showed that one third of people who study took place around them suffer from obesity and other two-thirds suffer from an increase in weight. He adds that scientists deal with a good amount of vitamin D (D) every day may help fight diabetes type II. This is what studies have indicated for a period of 20 years that women who receive vitamin D (D) the quantity of a good are less likely to have diabetes type II by 20% compared with women who did not get a good amount of vitamin D (D)? Find vitamin D (D) in milk and dairy products, fish, eggs, and when we get exposure to the sun

Fight a lot of eating

Studies indicated that in order to avoid excessive eating delicious and Fragrances Co. special occasions, drinking a glass of tomato juice (tomato) with red hot peppers help to reduce eating. Was a large study on women and men, a group of them were drinking tomato juice with hot red pepper, half an hour before the meal and the second group did not deal with this drink. The results revealed that people who drank syrup tomatoes and hot red pepper, the amount of food consumed by 10 to 16% less than those who did not take this drink

Hot red pepper plays an important role in urging the nerves in the mouth and stomach, which helps to spread the message of eating Aolcba although a small amount of food. In addition, playing the role of this drink medicines mitigating weight?

High blood pressure

Are you the people who suffer from high blood pressure? Do you want to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, especially if one family member suffered. Improving the quality of food and a healthy diet helps to fight mild infection of cardiovascular disease in a study the scientists were on a diet for people with four servings of fruit a day, four servings of vegetables a day and with very little fat, 2 to 3 servings of milk and dairy products per day, The preference would be little or skimmed, three or more servings of fish a week, four weekly rations of nuts and seeds is not salted, two classes of grain per week, no more than two portions of red meat per week

The second group Vkhvvo of calories and saturated fat. And adopted the two groups not to drink and foods that contain caffeine and exercise practiced for thirty minutes most days. After 12 weeks, lost all persons have the same weight (5 to 6% of their weight), but people who have been given quotas of food - the first group - there was a decrease in blood pressure, well about 6% compared with the second group of persons (about 1% of the low in the rate of blood pressure). He adds that the first group of scientists was eating foods rich in potassium and calcium amount is greater than the second set and is worth mentioning here that these metals play an important role in reducing the rate of blood pressure in the body.

Food and psychological conditions

Most people who suffer from psychological conditions resort to excessive intake of food without caution to the quality and quantity they consume. Experts here point out that these people resort to eating habits other than food and exercise as can be walking in the open air, swimming, dancing or other light exercise can be exercised daily or three times a week. In addition, you should choose nutritious foods, useful and to stay away from fatty foods and sweets that contain a lot of calories and few nutrients.

Stop smoking and excessive food

Most people who stop smoking resort to over-eating especially sweets and fatty foods. There is no harm if a person eats a small amount of these foods once a week or every two weeks, but the damage can be when you eat these foods obtained by the body. According to scientists and nutritionists that eating foods that contain taste bitter may reduce eating foods with a sweet taste of that must be addressed, for example, Alondev and arugula, a type of herbs that helps the body not to absorb the sugar and the body to ease demand for food with sweet taste. You can also alter eating sweet foods take up a good amount of fruits, especially those that do not contain the rate of glucose is high, such as apples and pears and berries, as they help to maintain a good rate of sugar in the blood also provides a large amount of fiber. He also adds that the nutritionists, whole grains and healthy foods rich in protein, fruits and vegetables every 3 to 4 hours to help these people to not feel hunger or a feeling of eating food. Also, do some exercise every day may help not to feel great appetite for food and not to resort to gorging on food.

Finally, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet, well balanced and diversified contains lots of vitamins and minerals beneficial to health and fighting

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