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Anise plant is a grass height of about half a meter high ribbed leg out of it long branches bear leaves, serrated round-shaped end of the branches of a small oval-shaped flowers, compressed head turns white after the maturity of the fruits of a small brown and plants live around any one year. A plant of the genus known Aljimat is not "Allanson known Bachammr", high-ribbed leg radiating branches such as long round-toothed bear leaves, flowers small oval shape.

User segment of the plant fruits, which are described by some people as well as seed oil pilot only.

Anise plant known scientifically as Pimpinella anisum umbrella of the platoon. Aniseed is known by several names defines the name of Lincoln and taken him and cumin In Morocco they call the sweet bean sweet in Sham forget.

The original home of anise:

Said to his homeland, not known, but most of the references suggest his native Egypt, where archeologists have found the fruits of anise in the tombs of the Eastern Desert to the city of Thebes, as stated in the manuscripts Aniseed Pharaonic within several prescriptions today it is grown widely in southern Europe, Turkey and Iran , China, India, Japan, South and Eastern United States of America.

The chemical content of anise:

Aniseed contains Zeta-pilot, the main ingredient and compound occupies Anethole principal component of the oil and Astrajul and Anaess aldehyde and Kavik derivatives Kloroujenk lion and a lion. It also contains the most important is Flavobdhirat Abjnin and fatty oils. It contains 3% oil pilot article Nool and methyl Canecol of the pilot fuel, and the hormone estrogen and a fixed oil.

The medicinal properties of anise:

Tranquilizer, and housing for colic and cough.

Tonic for digestion and diuretic.

Aniseed and beneficial to the birth and the process of milk production.

The anise of the herbs out the best in terms of sputum taken to fill a teaspoon to two tablespoons and grinded and added to fill the cups of boiled water and leave it for a quarter of an hour or so and then filtered and drink and take a cup in the morning and another cup at bedtime.

Anise and boiled hot drink live intestinal colic in infants, children and adults also benefit in the expulsion of gases, it also serves as asthma attacks, increases milk production in nursing mothers and anise come in many moods, coughing and phlegm, as repellent is useful in some types of headaches, shortness of breath and a strong alarm for the digestive system and appetizing.

And its benefits: is effective to relieve colic and stimulate digestion, urine, abdominal swelling, remove, remove chest diseases and throat and cough, to expel wind abdominal, calming nervous light, producing milk and live a headache, give the children to expel gas and ease the crying.

How to use:
Seed and then boiled and filtered drinking, and if added with fennel interest was great and the most beneficial as well as with honey.

Aniseed in traditional medicine:

Anise plant ancient Egyptian took place therapeutically important when the pharaohs and is still widely grown today in the governorates of Upper Egypt. He came boiled seeds of anise in the Pharaonic Papyrus Ebbers syrups for the treatment of pain, upset stomach, difficulty in urine, according to the Hearst Papyrus Aniseed repelling winds and the ancient Egyptians used aromatic stimulant, diaphoretic jet swelling against the expulsion of intestinal gas as well as within the mouth wash and treat the pain of the gums and teeth.

Hippocrates was the elder, doctors, recommending that the plant is to rid the respiratory mucus, either contemporary Hippocrates Theofrast was more romantic, it was said: "If you put one near his bed Aniseed night will see beautiful dreams, thanks to the perfume of fresh" was the old Blaine nature Roman recommends chewing anise seeds fresh to moisturize and revive the soul and to help digestion after heavy meals.

John Gerrard, the world of herbs old British recommending that the anise to prevent hiccups (Alhazoukp or hiccups), as well as the description of this plant to milk yield in lactating women and treatment for cases of water retention and headaches, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia and nausea. The anise plant killer of lice and reduced for colic in infants and healing of cholera and even cancer. In the United States during the nineteenth century, doctors had recommend addressing Alantqaiion Aniseed to ease stomach pains, nausea, intestinal gas and colic baby.

In Central America, the nursing drank milk yield of anise, anise was a very important commodity in all countries of the Mediterranean to the extent that the old was used Kalamlp asked to pay taxes. Aniseed has reached a high degree of popularity as the Tabla, medicine and perfume in the UK in the medieval period, so King Edward I imposed a tax to repair London Bridge.

Antioch says Daoud in his ticket Aniseed "expels wind and removes the headaches and chest pains and shortness of breath, chronic cough, urine and generates more than generalized, and if painted roses Qtora cooking and tobacco smoke, embryos and placenta drops and chew palpitations and goes by the Alastaiak like mouth and teeth Galloway and strengthens the gums.

And Ibn Sina in the law "if crushed aniseed, mixing painted flowers and Qatar in the ear healed what is being offered in the subsoil of the crack from trauma or a blow to Oojallma also benefit as star anise with a hot drink milk for the treatment of insomnia and calm nerves."

Anise and boiled hot drink live intestinal colic in infants, children and adults also benefit in the expulsion of gases, it also serves as asthma attacks, increases milk production in nursing mothers and anise come in many moods, coughing and phlegm, as repellent is useful in some types of headaches, shortness of breath and a strong alarm for the digestive system and appetizing.

Anise oil is also incorporated in the drive industry Alumblynp and laxatives Alsnameki chips, as well as in the manufacture of many types of emulsifiers, which are taken to alleviate the pain of the throat and throat.

Aniseed in modern medicine and why is it treated?

Modern science has proven that the effects of anise cough and expel phlegm and effective against colic and effective Kptrella and anti-virus and anti-insects. Has been proven by the German constitution that the anise ability to treat colds and coughs in general inflammation, fever, cold, sore mouth and throat, problems of poor digestion and loss of appetite. Recent research has also shown that the anise hormonally masculine influence in the case dealt with in large quantities, but if you take it frequently reduces them and affect the sexuality of men.

Anise and uses internal and external.

Domestic uses:

1 - of cases of respiratory diseases such as shortness of breath, coughing and asthma attacks.

2 - digestive disorders and cases of intestinal colic and abdominal swelling.

3 - to stimulate the kidney and generating menopause and poor ovarian and increasing milk yield and facilitate the birth, where the boiled fruits of anise is used in all previous cases, a rate of one teaspoon of powdered fruits of anise to fill the cup of boiled water and cover and leave to soak for 15 to 20 minutes and then drink once in the morning and another in evening.

Uses of Foreign Affairs:

1_ infections in kind and is used boiled Aniseed Lye of the eye.

2_ to remove head lice and pubic hair using a paint component of anise oil with olive oil by 1:2

Aniseed is used in food as it uses the Triple?

- Use of anise in the food is much lower than where the Triple-Triple-using all parts of the plant leaves, seeds, roots and anise oil, while it does not use only seeds and oil. But there is a type of candy which it enters the Greek anise and this type of candy called Mustaseyoum taken after meals and fatty Romanian to facilitate digestion, and perhaps this type of candy in the opinion of some historians that offer out candy at weddings.

Does the anise collateral damage? Or overlaps with some of the drugs?

- There is no collateral damage to the anise is restrained by human dose As for
ic drugs, it interferes with the anti-clotting drugs only.

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