Walking struggling back pain

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Neurological back pain
Walking struggling back pain

Berlin: the problem of back pain suffered by the other and often cause these pains that appear when physical activity is, not to go to work for several days, but may force some people to quit their jobs permanently.

A report of the German news agency that a group specialized in Germany professional landscaper should be advised not to work is the physical burden on the back, the means of proper lifting and carrying can protect the back muscles, it is also important to train muscles, particularly those located deep in the back along the spine, the sound, as indicated newspaper "Arab Times".

Most of the problems stem from a lack of training of the back muscles, abdomen and legs, and there are many other problems are not physical but psychological physical, in only 5% of all cases, the vertebrae are the real source of pain.

It is important not to underestimate the mental and the mental component, which can cause problems with work and living conditions of life and the tension back problems, just as occurs when lifting and carrying heavy objects or stand for long periods of time.

The orderly movement of great benefit in this regard, Frckob cycling and jogging, walking, swimming back all good activities to overcome the back pain, exercise and play an important role in achieving the relaxation of the muscles back.

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