Carbohydrates .. Beneficial to health

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Carbohydrates ..
Beneficial to health

تناول النشويات.. مفيد للصحة

At a time when many people pay attention to the types of foods they eat, preferring some food again, the U.S. nutrition expert, Melinda Jambols, that many people harm their health by avoiding certain foods such as carbohydrates.

The Jambols that many of the foods rich in carbohydrates, such as potatoes, corn and rice, may contain a lot of calories, compared to other foods such as fruits, but they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, making it essential for human health, but as much.

Potato for example, may increase the proportion of blood sugar, but on the other hand is a very important source of potassium necessary to maintain a healthy blood pressure. In addition, the crust baked potato, in turn, which is considered very healthy, as it is an important source of fiber useful for the body.

She added that the beans are more foods rich in carbohydrates health, because they are rich in fiber and contains proteins of great benefit, how it is filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants, which prevent any sense of Baharqp »within the stomach.

In contrast, Jambols found that the consumption of large amounts of foods rich in carbohydrates harmful, therefore advised to eat certain amounts, and to avoid over-covered, indicating that the best things the center, which is to eat these foods in small quantities and regularly, without excess or negligence.

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