Principles and practice of first aid

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Principles and practice of first aid

First Aid

First Aid
First Aid is the first aid or treatment provided to injured any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of an ambulance or a member of the medical body. May be required in those circumstances, improvise a way to aid with the available tools and materials.

The objectives of first aid

Provide first aid to a casualty in order to:

- Maintaining the life
- To avoid the deterioration of his
- Help him recover

Responsibility of the paramedic initial:

Given the frequent occurrence of many accidents and gravity, the role of the medic, the first great importance.
In the course of treating the injury limited your own risk Kmsaf initial as follows:

- Assess the situation without exposing yourself to danger
- Determine the type of disease or condition suffered by the patient. Any diagnostic
- Provide immediate and appropriate treatment, knowing that the patient may complain of more than one infection, and some patients may need to care faster than other
- Work, without delay, to transfer the injured to a clinic doctor or a hospital or home, according to the seriousness of his condition

And ending at your own risk when he took the injured to a doctor or a nurse or any other suitable person. And you should not leave the place only after the submission of information to take command, and then to verify if you can provide further assistance.


Medical aid: means treatment provided by a doctor at the hospital or surgery or treatment at the scene.

Medic first: expression, called on any person who received a certificate from the Commissioner training indicate that the holder is qualified to provide first aid. This designation is used the first time, first-aid of voluntary organizations in 1894
And first-aid certification by an official aid to those who have followed courses in theory and practical, and passed the exam which is supervised by a specialized body. Certificate awarded is valid for 3 years only, which ensures that the first two paramedics:
- Trained at a high level
- Performing the exam on a regular basis
- Renew their knowledge and skills

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