Pericarditis, inflammation of the heart cover Pericarditis

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Pericarditis, inflammation of the heart cover Pericarditis

Surrounded the heart of the outside cover of Casey double wall smooth, thin shell called the heart or the heart or the membrane around the heart and pericardium, which is a bit like a bag of cellophane cellophane bag. If the flame in this case, the result of that situation we are facing.

Inflammation of the heart resulting in the cover of most cases of a viral infection, but there are other microorganisms (such as the TB bacteria tuberculosis bacteria) can also infect the cover of the heart infection. Can inflammation resulting from a disease of connective tissue such as lupus lupus can cause inflammation of the cover of the heart.

Inflammation can occur as complications of heart cover heart attack, kidney failure or chronic heart surgery or thoracic surgery. In the end, can occur if inflammation cover heart invaded some tumors - especially Allimvip tumors or lymphoma and breast cancer or lung - or because of radiation therapy of tumors.

If the flame cover heart disease, the two layers of the atmosphere to each other and the Tankan Issue friction distinctive voice. Sometimes the inflammation leads to the accumulation of fluid in the cover of the heart, a condition called heart nominated Cover (Pericardial effusion) pericardial effusion.

As in the case named the cover of inflammation or inflammation of the heart Altqdi things strait constrictive pericarditis, an image of this chronic disease, long-term inflammation leads to the formation of scar tissue scar tissue on the cover of the heart.


Initial presentation to the inflammation of the heart is the cover of a sharp chest pain resulting from the friction fabric fiery heart and lungs. The branched (as much) pain to the neck and shoulder as well.

And can often distinguish the pain of angina pain of angina, heart attack or heart attack increases the intensity of being a breath or cough. It is also different from that angina discomfort can be mitigated by the development of the body such as sitting (some lie), or the tendency to forward etc..

It is common also cause fever, chills, fatigue, a doctor may be able to hear the sound of friction with the distinguished speaker. And can cover the heart patient a large amount of cold or someone with Altqdi to prevent blood-filled chambers of the heart, which naturally leads to heart failure, heart failure or shock shock.

Hardcover viral heart infection Viral pericarditis or inflammation associated with heart attack or with heart surgery usually goes away within a week or two.

When the cover of heart inflammation caused by bacterial infection (especially tuberculosis), or tumors, the symptoms often increasing in severity. Inflammation resulting from an inflammatory disease such as lupus can come and go, causing pain Sadria frequent.

Treatment options TREATMENT OPTIONS
The symptoms of your condition and results of medical examination may provide keys to the powerful reach the diagnosis. This can be seen ECG electrocardiogram changes indicating inflammation of the cover of the heart. But the best diagnostic test is to portray the heart echo (echocardiogram) echocardiogram.

If the source of the situation is not clear, you may need to take place you need to test more and wider. In rare instances it may have to the doctor to use a needle to withdraw a sample of the fluid around the heart and send the sample to the lab for analysis.
Treatment of inflammation of the heart depends on the cover of the original reason. If a viral infection, it may be the only treatment is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain.

The cases of bacterial infection is needs antibiotics. If kidney failure is the reason, the dialysis may be necessary.

And if the volume of liquid accumulated in the bag cover of the heart to the degree to which impede the functioning of the heart. It be the case urgently. Could ease the pressure to withdraw excess fluid with a needle house in particular. It may be necessary to carry out heart surgery to remove the fluid or claw scar tissue.

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