Therapy drinks fresh green

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Therapy drinks fresh green

Vegetable Juice

People know now that vegetables and fruits are excellent sources for a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as essential amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, and hundreds of other products, which include chemical compounds that protect plants from cancer and other diseases, since many of the materials needed by the health Rights found in vegetables and fruits and recommends doctors and scientists in the alternative medicine their patients eat large quantities of fruit juices and fresh vegetables, which did not pass the manufacturing process.

Doctors and scientists suggest alternative medicine to add fruit juices and vegetables to the food and recommend the daily consumption of at least two cups of fresh juice every day to maintain health, and recommend to four cups a day to heal wounds and cure of diseases, God willing.

The juice contains all the fruits and vegetables with the exception of fiber, the part of the inalienable digestion in plants, it contains all of the components in plants for improved health. Because the fresh juice made from raw vegetables and fruits, all the ingredients remain intact. If we look at vitamin C, one of the most important vitamins and other vitamins that dissolve in water, it can be destroyed manufacturing or cooking. If we look at the enzymes, which is a protein needed to digest, and other important functions can be destroyed cooking. Therefore, the fresh juice provide the human body with all the components of plant health in a form easily digested and absorbed. The juices recommended work should be fresh and are consumed in the event of their time. Valasair sold commercially heat-treated to prolong the life of their presence on the shelf This work is in fact destroys important nutrients in vegetables and fruits in addition to that, the preservatives that are added to juices lose some of the important nutrients.

First: juices, green or what is known as green drinks:

It is known that green drinks cleans the body of pollutants and impact of renewed youth. Because these juices are made from various green vegetables, are rich in green and Alklorvil article that are known to help purify the blood of toxins and build red blood cells and helps to heal the body and provide energy for the body rapidly.

Green juices are made usually from plant alfalfa sprouts (Alfalfa), cauliflower and cabbage, dandelion greens, spinach and wheat leaves. Since the taste of green juice unpalatable for some people, it has added apple juice and carrots Tazgen and some of the steam distilled water. It was found that green juice of great benefit Vshab wheat in particular is of great importance in the treatment of cancer, especially if that included radiation therapy. And the required quantity of drinking green juices are the 9-11 ounces per day (an ounce is a unit of weight equal to 28.35 grams).

Drinks from the best so-called green mixture of Eternal Youth, which consists of 5 pills Islands and four medium-sized branches of fresh parsley, spinach and fill in the hand and fill the power hand cabbage, beet and bean containing the papers, elaborated on peeled garlic. Wash this material well and peel carrots, beets if they have not grown organically. Place these materials in the bile juice and drink immediately without delay.

Second: juices, fresh vegetables:

Fresh vegetable juices are the most innovative materials and Albanians to human cells increases the capacity, where the immune system and remove the acid residues and help to control obesity by ridding the body of excess fat.

Vegetable juices of the most important health and delicious kale, cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots, celery, cabbage, beets, parsley, masculinized and potatoes and spinach juice, tender green leaves of wheat. And carrot juice is one of the most important and most prevalent view of the juices material wealth, which is out of beta carotene vitamin A, which helps in attacking cancer. Since the islands more vegetable sweetness, the juice is not only delicious by itself, but is in fact a great confusion with other vegetables to increase the attractiveness. On the other hand, the acrid smell of vegetables such as parsley, onion, garlic, rutabaga, turnip and celery and normal broccoli should be used in small quantities only. Although garlic is pungent smell of the good and important additions to drink fresh vegetable juices. Before the age Soak garlic in vinegar for one minute and add the clove, one for each of two cups of juice. For juice used in the ideal age many different vegetables to get the largest amount of vitamins, minerals and other materials in order to supply your body with various nutrients is important.

Among the most important vegetable juices:

1 - raw potato juice taken with a pound of potatoes and grain Islands and about a quarter cup of distilled water steam. Wash potatoes and carrots well then remove any eyes or scars on the outer wall of the potatoes and cut potatoes, carrots and put them into the juice and add distilled water and steam Azarethma then drink the juice immediately. This type of juice provide the metal body potassium important for the body.

2 - broccoli juice: take a quarter of Qrnbitp whether large or half Qrnbitp if Alqrnbitp small, apples or Habta medium-sized islands and a quarter cup of distilled water, wash the broccoli, apples or carrots Honor well and then cut into small pieces and placed in the bile is added to water and squeezed and then drink the juice immediately without waiting. This juice is useful in treating ulcers of the stomach and the Twelve and the colon.

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