fatigue and pallor

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fatigue and pallor


Indicates fatigue and pallor during pregnancy to a lack of iron in the body.
The fragility and hair loss and crack angle of the mouth are a symptom of iron deficiency in the body, according to Walberg explained Christian President of the Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Munich, south-west Germany.

In the case of iron deficiency in the blood strongly, that adversely affect the placenta and cause adverse effects on the fetus. Should therefore review the proportion of iron in regular blood tests in the context of pregnancy. If necessary, it should pregnant women iron tablets a day, or to resort to taking iron injection into a vein in the case of the very low percentage of iron in the body.

During the period of pregnancy is increasing the need for iron, in particular, because a pregnant woman needs more blood volume by 30% to 40% for fetal blood supply and to provide its food and especially during the last two-thirds of pregnancy. This may be due to iron deficiency in pregnant women to rely on the vegan diet or exposure to loss of blood repeatedly, for example, bleeding through the nose or decrease iron absorption in the small intestine.

It can also cause iron deficiency in pregnant women or nursing mothers to anemia or anemia, and symptoms that indicate that sense of headaches, dizziness and shortness of breath and heart palpitations when you make a slight physical exertion. When you note these symptoms on a pregnant woman should consult a doctor.

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