Bulimia and anorexia .. The latest and most diseases of this age

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Bulimia and anorexia .. The latest and most diseases of this age

Are perhaps the disease era, in these days we often hear them .. Probably due to the pressure and the pattern of life that we are now living.

Bulimia (bulimia) and Anorexia Nervosa (anorexia) .. Rheumatic diseases are associated with the element of nutrition, and threaten human life,
Especially that behind by the injury, psychological and neurological reasons, starting with first Ptarifama:

Any bulimia bulimia:
Is a particular pattern in patients with eating character, as the person injured Balbolemia, eating lots of food without the awareness or control,
Then working on a vomit by grain, or through the introduction of a finger in the mouth, the person resorts to vomiting Albohlmy voluntary, for fear of weight gain,
Therefore proceed as soon as he finishes the food to get rid of everything in the stomach, and this habit is repeated with the patient several times a day ..
Thereby becoming a fixed pattern of eating.

It is worth mentioning that Albolimyin are not necessarily people Sameenin, but that weight is often normal, and they are working on eating greedily
Abnormally, Vilthmun foods, which often serve as a «fast food» without a sense of the pleasure of what they eat, and continue to eat
Extent than satisfied, to some extent their sense of satiety and disgust of themselves, and regret what Okloh, Vehron to vomiting.

And the reasons for bulimia:
Nutritionists say, it causes neurological and psychological, it is possible to lead a nervous breakdown or emotional stress or
Depression to bulimia, and the long period of injury, compared with the period of psychological situation.

It is possible that a person becomes nervous Viewer for days, it becomes bulimia for a specified period, after the settlement goes back to its natural food.
It must be said that Albohlmy eating and vomiting in secret, so it is difficult to detect his condition.

It should be noted that the frequent vomiting greatly harm the digestive system, either to eat what secret? Because the way I ate abnormal ..
Satisfactory scandalous, is eating fast without chewing or zest for flavor or taste food, it becomes like eating taboos.

Doctors say: «The majority of people living Balbolemia are women, because the risk of mental disorders and depression than men,
And the proportion borne less.

Also obsessed with obesity often armchair and not men, and often women are being infected between the twenties and thirties,
A result of psychological and physiological changes that go out during this period ».

And treatment for the person Albohlmy two-pronged: Medical (diet) and myself. Here it should be noted that he does not need to resort to Bohlmy
To the dietitian and a psychiatrist and coordination between them to get the result, because the most important treatment of bulimia nervosa in terms of food,
Addressed psychologically, to find out the reasons that lie behind them. What caused this person to become bulimia.

As for the food, description of the Bolimyin medicines to reduce appetite, not eating without hunger and satiety over. Among the highlights of what needs to be said
In relation to bulimia, there are two cases in this disease.

- The first case: namely we have reviewed, any person who eats ravenously result of mental disorders and then resorted to vomiting,
For fear of further weight. These people are often normal weight, and suffer from obesity.

- As to the second case: Bulimia, which is to afflict the Albidinon, namely, in the case of non-natural evil, but in this case
No vomiting patient, because the increase in weight is not an obsession, he eats ravenously publicly and enjoys eating does not satisfy, because it is obsessed with food.

The characteristics of bulimia and symptoms are the following:
Cases of bulimia generally extends between the sixth and fifteenth session. And be at its height between twenty and twenty-fifth,
And often affects the open-minded and socially pole position, the most prominent symptoms of bulimia irregular menstruation because of the pressures and imbalances in the
Duties and frequent vomiting, and often seek Albohlmy to cure his illness, what causes the disease from him this inconvenience, as the situation becomes overwhelming
Of anger and depression for losing control of himself, he will flee from them to eat more foods like «Ev_ created» by eating,
Making it in a vicious cycle. Finally, it must be said that the most prominent of the injured Balbolemia recently, the late Princess Diana,
When passed a situation of distress as a result of marital problems and emotional.

Anorexia anorexia nervosa:
Unlike any Bulimia completely. Anorexia, is when a person willingly abstain from eating for days and sometimes weeks, does not address
But very few out of a mental disorder or is willing to save weight in a short period, there are also fears the deal
So as not to comfort food, feels guilty when eating, so I abstain from for a while.

And symptoms of anorexia seems clear to Alanoarkisi Immediately after injury, and is in turn the sick and the poor and the deterioration of personal health,
Which make him lose the body of metals, food and vitamins.

Just like bulimia, Females more prone to this disease than men, especially about what damn concern about obesity,
In particular the shadow of the ideal promoted by the media for Women, a very thin appearance.

In general, most women at risk of anorexia are thin fashion models that are Rosmahin and are afraid of losing
If their work gained more weight.

In general, women get anorexia from the age of six or seven years until the mid-twenties, and early onset
Are caused by the thinness of the obsession of every teenager in her first appearance on the community.

Alanurksien and treatment is purely medical, and is admitted to the hospital by providing them with serum and tonics, to compensate for the shortfall in
Vitamins and minerals, calcium, and this often leads to disease, hormonal disorders, in particular are often seen
Anorexia girls on Almntoyat esteem very much, as they total the notion that they refuse to suffer from the problem of
Or defective in some way, and thus refuse treatment.

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