Ivy plant helps in the treatment of bronchitis

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Ivy plant helps in the treatment of bronchitis

Many people know Ivy couches climber on the facades of buildings, or when it is saved seeds in pots, but clinical studies demonstrated that the sap extracted from this plant have beneficial effects in the treatment of symptoms of cough.

He has made the study group to examine the private history of medicinal plants in the university city of Würzburg, Germany, among its functions the promotion of plant ivy and advertised as a medical plant in 2010.

It should be noted that doctors in ancient times have used ivy leaves and fruits painkiller pain or more as for the treatment of burns. In modern herbal medicine is used to extract juice from the leaves of ivy.

For example in the treatment of acute airway people that they appear as a side effect with cough or cold cases that affect the respiratory tract, or to treat the symptoms of severe acute chronic airway people.

His team found that the juice extracted from the plant ivy can also be used for the treatment of whooping cough, is also used traditionally to dissolve the mucus is located in the airways.

The researchers stressed that dealing with this plant is shrouded in some medical risk, which can cause leaf ivy or fresh leaf juice in the emergence of allergic symptoms when touching, as it is better not to touch fruit.

Researchers also warn that eating may lead to ivy poisoning especially in young children where they are accompanied by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Therefore, experts advise should be used pharmaceuticals made from the plant ivy when you want to use it as a treatment.

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