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The benefits of certain vegetables and grains


The benefits of tomatoes: 1 rich in vitamins and minerals useful in the treatment of 2 diseases gout and sepsis resistant 3 intestinal indigestion and excess stomach acid 4 combat constipation and helps expel waste out of 5 tomato juice helps to digest starchy foods and meat ... 6 resistant arthritis, kidney stones and bladder stones 7 reports in the treatment of normal skin (the accumulation of layers of the skin surface on each other) 8 dealt with soup made from tomatoes to help patients heart and high blood pressure 9 easy absorption and amend the pH of blood 10 can be eating tomatoes raw or cooked or in the form Juice

The benefits of onions: 1 rich in vitamins and mineral salts 2 killer of bacteria and especially those that are endemic to the mouth and intestinal 3 helps to determine the percentage of sugar in the blood 4 appetizing struggling tract infections 5 active functioning of the heart and circulatory 6 contains materials that serve to strengthen the nervous system 7 a diuretic and yellow help In 8 cases of cirrhosis of the liver helps to reduce hypertension and lower cholesterol 9 benefit in the treatment of cough and chest infections, 10 helps to expel phlegm and blood poisoning

The benefits of broccoli: 1 rich in vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, chromium 2 help rid the body of toxins 3 helps reduce the breakdown of the retina 4 helps to reduce high blood pressure 5 working to stabilize the sugar in the blood 6 to reduce the risk of heart attack 7 useful in lower levels of cholesterol in the blood 8 is believed to be resistant to cancer

The benefits of garlic: 1 rich in vitamins and minerals, such as phosphorus and calcium 2 The antibiotic in the face of disease 3 fight heart disease and reduces the high pressure 4 enhances the immune system in the body 5 is working to reduce cholesterol in the blood 6 assists in the treatment of rheumatic diseases 7 helps in the treatment of skin lesions such as boils and wounds 8 resist cough and works on the treatment of respiratory diseases 9 appetizing struggling satiety 10 anthelmintic, which are endemic in the human intestine

The benefits of lettuce: 1 is very rich in folic acid helpful for pregnant women 2 goes high in dietary fiber useful for bowel action 3 on the birthplaces and homes of pain 4 irresistible thirst and dry cough 5 a diuretic and guides nerve 6 protects the body from colon cancer 7 rich in vitamins, especially vitamin (A) and vitamin (o ) anti-oxidant 8 is made from paper and drink a special childhood diseases, particularly diseases of the chest

Mallow benefits: 1 classified nutritional foods easy to digest 2-rich minerals such as iron, phosphorus 3 contains proteins and vitamins such as vitamin (A), vitamin (c) 4 fiber-rich food that will help in the fight against constipation 5 containing food items useful in mitigating the intestinal membrane 6 contain material help in the prevention of intestinal infections 7 mallow seed oil is useful in treating some skin diseases can be cooked mallow 8 green or dry, when added to meat and become a full meal

The benefits of cabbage: 1 rich in vitamins, especially vitamin (c) 2 is rich in minerals such as sulfur, calcium, phosphorus 3 contains a substance lethal to bacteria is similar in effect resisting antibiotics 4 rash and helps in bone growth 5 helps to strengthen hair and nails 6 is useful in cases of expulsion of worms 7 According to the body in cases of bronchitis and the people and facilitate the exit of sputum 8 activates the kidneys and helps to expel excess water from the body's need 9 useful for people with diabetes, where he works to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood 10 boiled cabbage is very useful in cases of anemia and diseases of the joints

The benefits of beans: 1 rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals such as iron and phosphorus 2 resist stress and fatigue of the body 3 is believed to contain a complex chemical compounds resistant cancers that affect the mouth 4 good for the heart in terms of increase of the level of good cholesterol in the blood 5 helps to reduce blood pressure among women in menopause 6 maintain the level of sugar in the blood 7 contains material strengthens the body's immunity against various diseases 8 peel beans struggling constipation, which affects the body 9 of the flowers, beans property increase diuresis 10 addressed beans with tomatoes and onions, olive oil and bread, make it a meal complete

Benefits of wheat: 1 is one of the most important grain beneficial to human health 2 is very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin group (b) compound 3 contains many minerals such as iron, phosphorus, silicon, and iodine 4 strengthens the nervous system and gives the body strength and 5 activity helps build bone and strengthen teeth 6 helps to strengthen hair and aggravated the suffering 7 assists in the thyroid gland, 8 contribute to the formation of tissues and digestive juices 9 wheat flour used as a treatment for various skin diseases 0 10 to take advantage of all these benefits must be addressed (brown bread) resulting from the grinding of wheat grain, whole

The benefits of lentils: 1 contains a high proportion of protein is necessary for building body 2 contains many vitamins, especially vitamin (b) compound 3 is rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium 4 plays an important role in strengthening the nervous system 5 helps to strengthen bones and teeth in 6 assists 7 strengthen the blood cobalt lentils useful in the fight against constipation 8 serve to increase the weight of children and help in the prevention of dental necrosis

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