12 way to strengthen the body's immune

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12 way to strengthen the body's immune

1 - the benefits of eating healthy foods that I remember in the following rich materials that strengthen the immune system and increase efficiency, or contain some material of special interest in the fight against infections.

2 - Apricot
That contains beta carotene on the apricot and vitamin c, iron, and you can take four or five grains of dried apricots as a snack when hungry, you can also add some nuts to breakfast cereal instead of sugar.

3 - Nuts Brazil Nuts
Substance of the richest foods selenium, and benefits of major health research confirmed the many. Known that the soil in some of the country Thtute a little of this article, therefore there are no in foods grown in that country. And can add nuts to breakfast cereal or to the authority, or eating some of them as a snack.

4 - Japanese mushroom Shitake mushroom
Mushrooms contain a substance called the starchy Ntinan Japanese research has shown great benefit in strengthening the body's immune system. In addition, this type of mushroom to many Japanese dishes, especially dishes that are light Bahei, and Ataiwajn.

5 - do you know about Yoga
ID Yoga of the oldest sports exerted to preserve his mental health and physical and psychological. It contains exercises on yoga breathing and relaxation physical, mental and nervous system. Much research has confirmed the usefulness of yoga in reducing the sense of pressure, as it maintains the balance of hormones in the body, and increase the efficiency of the immune system.
Many of the yoga exercises help to stretch the chest, and depth of breathing and strengthening the lungs. It is known that power means the lungs thus force the immune system. Experts stress that the more the exercise of rights of Yoga exercises more useful, especially for strengthening the immune system.

6 - garlic
The garlic antibiotics and anti-fungi, it also maintains the integrity of the circulatory system, and its anti-cancer agents.
One of the most Maihtwe garlic, an anti-bacteria and fungi called Alesen. If not, man likes to eat garlic, which could address the capsules containing garlic without odor known.

7 - Do not get angry

Medical research has proven that the body's immune system weakens when angry, and the frequent cases of anger that humans exposed to a greater rate of heart disease.

8 - Be social
Research has been conducted at a British university found that people who enjoy the social friendships multiple physical immunity be a force greater than the other twenty percent rate, and lower rate of infection.

9 - Relaxation and positive outlook
It is essential to reduce the sense of physical and psychological pressures, as the anxiety and stress cause an increase in the secretion of the hormone cortisol in the body, resulting
This lack of immune factors and weakens the ability to fight the disease. Experts recommend that psychologists fundamentally change the negative outlook to life and people and himself, positive feedback glance increase man's ability to control his life and guide them health. In this regard, advised that people start changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts. And you can try the following exercise to relieve the feeling of pressure relax in a quiet and breathed slowly and deeply so that the length of inspiration similar to the length of exhale, put your hand on your tummy and feel your hand go up and down with the exhale, if you breathe properly Aoimknk experience the following. Dampen a pair of cotton socks with cold water and placed on your feet, then join a pair of socks over them to dry. As a result, energy will rush to the feet because of the cold, and you will feel relaxed and calm nerves.

10 - Save for your body zinc and vitamin c
The body loses these articles Algmaiitin very quickly, especially when exposed to physical or psychological pressure, the two articles are important too to strengthen the immune system and increase its efficiency in the fight against diseases and infections. It Pfaeetmin c-rich foods such as oranges, citrus fruits, and fruit in general, special Kiwi, either zinc-rich foods mismatch Mentoajat liver, dairy and red meat, fat-free, and shellfish. Could be addressed capsules dose supplements that contain zinc and vitamin c, if necessary, was not enough food that contains them.

11 - Ginger
From ancient times until now used ginger herbal medicine specialists in the treatment of many diseases of sea-sickness fever and colds. The specialists advised any man suffering from a cold, eat boiled fresh ginger, so afraid RDI less intensity and duration, and some people add ginger to a paste, a biscuit is useful in that situation, but it is not the usefulness of boiled fresh ginger.

12 - from the well -
Others sleep comfortably and non-sufficient cause to weaken the immune system, and the ability to concentrate the mind. Experts recommend to enjoy the beautiful night of sleep and comfortable enough hours to put two drops of oil Alkhozmy (lavender) on your pillow before bedtime.

13 - Try Essential Oils
Experts affirm that any benefits aromatic oils to strengthen the immune system. One of the best aromatic oils in this regard to tea tree oil. You can mix and seven points from the said oil with 50 Mlelltr of the ad hoc body lotions and massage the body mix, or add this amount of oil to a teaspoonful of whole milk and added to the water tub before the shower, where the milk helps to regulate the oil in a mixing across the water shower.

14 - Make sure the efficiency of iron in your body
Iron is very important for the efficiency of the immune system, because it is part of the blood cells which carry oxygen to various parts of the body, and when the rate is less iron in the body weakens the cells and less ability to fight disease.

15 - Laugh
Medical research confirmed that people who laugh a lot to be immunological factors in their bodies more than others.

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