Memory problems

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Memory problems

Many women begin to suffer setbacks memory around the age of fifty of the age.
Memory declines are almost general. Provisional forgotten from time to time to cause resentment.

This forgetfulness is not a casual sign of Alzheimer's disease, does not mean it has been decided to spend the rest of your life and you Tenseen names or attitude in an exclamation of why you put the leaves in the fridge!

Which might mean is that your brain cells do not get all the nutrition necessary or excitement that you need to resist the process of demolition and construction that occur with age.

Dr. Stanley Berg, director of the Center for Older Adult Health Center, Faculty of Medicine University of Washington: "Some people, whether because of their behavior or genetic makeup, have the ability to avoid or slow down the slopes of the usual memory functions."
Health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol may contribute to the setbacks of memory and other mental declines, so it's important to not talk with your doctor if you Ahzti Tenseen things more than usual.

Treat forgetfulness, poor memory improvement:

There are good opportunities enable you to improve your memory significantly, and reduce the likelihood of further declines through a variety of means mental and simple changes in lifestyle.

Derby mind: People are active socially and Busy in the exercise of cognitive activities may be able to reduce the normal brain aging.
Crossword puzzles and games will keep intelligence on the brain active.
Volunteer work is useful, as well as hobbies, or you can simply read the magazines and newspapers.
Dr. Berg: "You should not do one thing, but you need to exercise your brain you will make many of the activities."

- Please see important information: the mental search for the information you want to Taatzkreha.
Dr. Makjav James, director of the Center for Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, University of California: "The more prepared mentally better, the memory is stronger."
Example: The next time you Tkablin in someone for the first time, Repeat her name in your mind several times.
Another example: if you Tenseen keys, Keep him in the same place and imaginative place mentally.

- Your memory is a strong cup of coffee and tea: laboratory studies say that the caffeine in coffee, tea, cola drinks, boiling might improve long-term memory when they are drinking far to learn new things.

- Take a supplement: Whenever you provide your age, the small intestine has lost some of their ability to absorb vitamin B-12, which plays a role in memory and other mental functions.
Lean meats, eggs, and low-fat dairy products, give large amounts of vitamin B 12.
Vegetarians may need to supplement of vitamin B 12. The recommended daily dose or RNI of vitamin B 12 is 1.5 micrograms.

- Drink more water: those who do not drink adequate amounts of water may be infected by the drought, which affects blood flow to the brain and, consequently, leads to fatigue and makes remembering things more difficult.
Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day capacity each with 240 ml.

- Eat fruits and vegetables, bright colors: they contain chemical compounds called flavonoids and antioxidant compounds that reduce the effects of free radicals, which are also unstable oxygen molecules in the body that may damage the blood vessels in the brain and increases the risk of Banhaddarat memory.
Dr. Ronald Pryor, President of the USDA lab at Tufts University: "If you want to Tbtii of the aging process caused by free radicals, the grape is the foundation. Dealing with 145 grams of blueberry blue, you're've got about double the amount of antioxidants that covered most of the Westerners in the day ".
Spinach is rich in Bafilawoonoeidat and able to treat memory impairment.

- Drink tea sage: the sage herb improves memory tips as folk healers and, according to new research that is successful and the herb contains two compounds chemists are cineole and alpha-pinene hamper the enzyme may be linked to Alzheimer's disease.
Problem is that the herb sage also contains a compound called "Tjrn" thujone, the compound may be toxic in large doses. It is useful to Tstmtai drinking sage tea from time to time, but you should not drink a day.

- Try ginkgo: herb is available in pharmacies and health food stores, which improves blood circulation and helps brain cells to get all the food it needs to remain intact.
D. Docals Stcher, herb specialist in London, says: "Now we have proof positive that ginkgo improves memory and concentration of young people and vigilance."

- Make sure to exercise regularly: walking, cycling and other forms of exercise increase the flow of blood to the brain, in addition to this, the sport also stimulate different parts of the brain.

- Hormone therapy: estrogen protects memory in many ways, it reduces the damage free radicals, and increases blood flow and stimulates the growth factors that play a role in repairing damaged neurons.
May be useful supplements estrogen after menopause, when declining supply of natural estrogen. Check with your doctor about hormone therapy regime.

- Sitri tension: The high levels of cortisol and other stress hormones that may hinder an ongoing basis the ability to remember important information, such as names or phone numbers.
The exercise, meditation and fun activities reduce vulnerability to hemolytic damage to the brain.

- Enjoy fruit acid: The citrus fruits are among the best sources of vitamin C, nutrient anti-oxidant that promotes healthy blood flow through it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and other fatty substances in the blood vessels in the brain.
Vitamin C vitamin E also makes work more efficient and increase its ability to impede the free radicals Aldhadrp cells.

- Take more vitamin E: The researchers found that vitamin E reduces the levels of free radicals in the brain that impair memory.
Vitamin E is mainly in the alcohol and wheat germ and cooking oil, in addition to that available in the form of supplements. D. Berg, patients are recommended to take 800 IU of vitamin E per day.

- Add some of folic acid (folate): folic acid, one of the most important nutrients that can be addressed to preserve the work and memory functions in healthy throughout life.
D think. To Ompadr that folic acid helps memory by re-constructing of chemicals that brain cells need in order to communicate with each other and fight clogged arteries, which may lead to reduced blood flow to the brain.

- Harpi Depression: Depression makes people feel tired, lack of focus, and slow mental development.
In fact, depression in the elderly often diagnosed error that Alzheimer's disease.

D. Berg says: "Antidepressant drugs do more than just treat disease depression." These drugs affect an area of the brain (sea horse) and play a key role in memory. He adds DZ Berg says: "Could these drugs also stimulate the production of nerve cells." Through the reform of the neurons, the antidepressants may help memory and mental functions that have been weakened with time.

- Choose an appropriate painkiller: If you are taking medication paid without a prescription from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, to treat arthritis, it may delay the decline in memory. Although these drugs are already available in the form of medicines available without a prescription, but it should not be taken without medical supervision. The elderly usually have a sensitivity to the effects of these drugs on the stomach, which may lead to bleeding ulcers.

- Hosni memory b PS: Alphusfatydail Serine Phosphatidyl Serine is a compound in the cells of the brain regulates chemical tankers, or neurotransmitters.
Studies have shown that people who took the PS and found that it has become easy for them to retrieve the names of people who know them recently.

- Strong communication between the cells using a Hieberzin Huperzine A: a complement dependent on Chinese herbal remedies, and is believed to maintain the supply of the brain substance acetyl Colin (a chemical carrier may be less with time).

If your memory gets worse gradually and increasingly, go to the doctor immediately.
The decline in memory may occur due to illness, serious and treatable, such as depression or thyroid disorders or food shortages.

If your memory gets worse and you're taking a new medication, contact your doctor.
Many of the drugs that act Bruchth doctor, including those used to control hypertension, may cause weakness in the memory. The use of a new drug alternative will solve the problem in most cases.

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