Fats, fish and natural way to combat the diseases of this age

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Fats, fish and natural way to combat the diseases of this age

Confirmed information "Hoveyda Abu HIV" during an episode of green apples, fat fish that is very useful for health with all its complex "Omega 3", which aids in the prevention of many diseases of this age, such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and cancer.

The "Abu HIV" in answer to the question posed by the green apples to the public: Do fat fish is useful or harmful to health?

That the studies confirm that fish fats contain a compound "omega-3", a compound rate maintains healthy blood pressure, reduces cholesterol harmful to the body, and prevents cancer and heart attacks and joint pain.
The composite "Omega 3" is also food mind, because it improves memory and brain function, doctors recommend eat fish at least twice a week, and omega-3 plays an important role in alleviating the pressures and psychological problems.

Where many of the studies demonstrated the ability of omega-3 to improve the functioning of the HIV in the body, in addition to its ability to prevent Alzheimer's disease, where these fats contain large quantities of protein help build the body properly.
It is known that fish oils and omega-3 acids useful for the prevention of heart disease, which advises the American Society for heart disease patients who suffer from a high proportion of triglycerides
Eat foods that contain fish oils.

Recent studies revealed the existence of a relationship between intake of fish oils and reduce the chances of dementia (continued deterioration in brain function) and the chances of depression.
Experts recommend heart patients take up an amount equal to 250 milligrams of fatty acids available in fish, by one of fatty fish like salmon or mackerel carrying only 1000 mg.

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