Tension headache, headache analgesics, Sister, cluster headaches

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Tension headache, headache analgesics,
Sister, cluster headaches

Most people suffer from pain in the head from time to time, but it usually disappears spontaneously within a few hours. But this pain can continue for some people for a longer period, causing great distress. The focus at the back of the head, or on the front and behind the eyes.
The quality varies between lukewarm and the pain continued and the sudden and severe. However, it is rare that a headache (headache) cause life-threatening. Most headaches are not serious in nature. Although it may be difficult to explain and treat her.

Puzzled doctors:

Can not hurt that the brain tissue, because they do not contain receptors for pain, and this is what makes the headache is a matter of surprise!
That 95% of cases of headache is not caused by any disease, and these initial pains vary greatly. Researchers do not know what was happening on the physical level, when you get a headache, is still being sought to discover the actual cause

New theory of headache:

Researchers focus on a path of nerve triangular twins and found the chemical serotonin in the brain seen as the individuals allegedly responsible for severe headache pain. They reckon that the pain resulting from an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. During the headaches, low levels of serotonin in the brain. As a result of that, moving along the nerve pulse triangular twins to the blood vessels in the cover of the brain (meningitis). This allows the blood vessels and get inflammation and swelling. When the brain receives the signal and the result is pain headaches!

Doctors talk about four different types of headaches

- Tension headache
- Headache analgesics
- Cluster headaches (pain nervous sisterly)
- Associates (migraine)

Headache may be associated with febrile illness such as influenza, an offer is very common to cases of colds and sinus infections. The excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to headache in the morning the next day.
There are some reasons for the most serious headache, but fortunately rare. These include brain tumors (benign and malignant), which can cause headaches Referrer, and inflammation of the brain arteries that cause pain, full of surprise in one of the temples, or both. The cases include other rare but serious headache associated with meningitis and bleeding site.

Identify the serious headaches:

Quick to seek medical advice if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:
- Severe headache develops suddenly and quickly
- Headache is growing worse despite taking painkillers
- Vomiting after the start of headache attacks
- Numbness and weakness in limbs
- Blurred vision and pain in the eyes

We recommend that you consult a doctor as soon as possible if you suffer from any of the additional symptoms listed above.

Tension headache:

Which is the most common type of headache. It can be painful or strongly in moderation. Doctors believe that the pain caused by spasms in the muscles of the scalp.
Are usually felt as a tightening in the front, often extends backward to the neck (gradually lead to pain or the complexity or compression in the neck or the forehead or scalp)
This is accompanied by headache, some nausea but no vomiting in the habit.
Headaches lasting a few hours, but may continue in some cases, which affects men and women alike.

There are many factors that can be urged to this headache, such as stress, noise, certain kinds of smoke, the problems relating to the consideration, and depression.
Is often tension headaches caused by the status of a bad sit and stare for long periods at a computer screen.

Headache responds well to relaxation techniques and analgesics that do not require prescriptions. It is improving often through the practice of some moderate physical activity. The scalp massage is often beneficial.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, your doctor needs to know the severity of symptoms and frequency of appearance. So it is often useful to take note of them. In some cases, you can make clear the computing section CT scan in order to know the reason behind the continuing or recurrent headaches.

Avoid headache triggers:

The following factors are different for different people

- Alcohol
- Smoking
- Pressure or fatigue
- Eye strain
- Physical activity or sexual
- The situation is not good
- Change of sleep or meal times
- Bananas, caffeine, Almatqp cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, food, fermented or pickled or salted, spices, substances added to foods (sodium nitrite in hot dogs or sausages or meat, or Glutamat single sodium in processed foods, and Chinese), pizza, raisins
- Climate change or height or time
- Hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle or after menopause, use of oral birth control (pill), or undergo an alternative treatment for hormones
- Strong or bright lights
- Odors, including perfumes or Alazaa or natural gas
- Air pollution or rooms overcrowded
- Excessive noise

Treatment of tension headache accidental:

First try a massage or hot packs, cold or warm bath, rest or relaxation techniques.
If this does not work means to relieve pain, dealing with low-dose aspirin (for adults only), or acetaminophen or Alaboparvin.
As well as from moderate exercise would help to feel better

Treatment of recurrent headache:

- Avoid headache triggers as much as possible, and many need to change their way of life, for example,
- Get a premium Avi comfortable sleep and exercise
- Use of aspirin (adults only), or acetaminophen to relieve pain Alaboparvin
- Put a note headache situation confronting them, and including the following factors: --
A - acute. Is the pain severe, or just annoying?
B - Frequency and duration. When to start the headaches? Oahu begin gradually or headache quickly? Itro sticking to the pain in a particular time of the day? Is accompanied by sessions monthly or quarterly? How long? What stopped?
T - symptoms associated with it. Can you expect the arrival of the pain? Do you feel nausea or dizziness? Is taint your opinion brightly colored or white spots? Do you feel the desire to certain foods before the headache?
W - situation. Do you hit the pain usually on one side of the head? Muscles of the neck? The vicinity of the eye?
C - triggers headaches, can you link your headache any type of food or activity or climate or time or environmental factors?
H - family history. Are the other people in the family of a headache that is similar?

Headache analgesics:

It may seem strange, but painkillers may actually be the cause of headache. Studies have shown that the use Almenttm and long-term painkillers for headaches can cause pain similar to tension headaches.

Tends to suffer from this type of headache to the use of stronger painkillers, but that will not aggravate the situation. Can avoid this type of headache to refrain from taking sedatives only when necessary.

On the other hand, if you suffer from headaches, simple analgesics do not remove it you should consult with your doctor to verify the reason.

Cluster headaches (pain nervous sisterly):

Cause pain and a constant nuisance in the eye and around Itro sequence starts at the same time of day or night.
Causes hydration and redder in one of the eyes and Ianqana in the nose of the same organization.
Itro this headache sometimes associated with a regular light or quarterly changes.
Had abused diagnosed as sinus infection or a problem in the teeth.
This exceptional situation is not completely understood, in which sufferers wake them, the majority of men in the middle of the night on the impact of severe pain in one eye. This attack lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. It follows a certain pattern so that the headaches occur one to four times each day.

This is very resistant to pain killers and anti-drugs, migraine, although the lithium, a drug also used in the treatment of some mental disorders, can help prevent heart has stopped inhaling oxygen Nubia. And can be exacerbated by smoking and drinking alcohol the risk of cluster headache.

Alhqiqih (migraine):

This form can be severe headaches to be very tired. And suffering of millions of people around the world from migraine each year.

Seizures occur first sister before the age of thirty, but children aged three years may also suffer from this situation. It is rare to suffer one of the first heart for his brother after the age of forty, and usually less tension and intensity of the Nuba with age.

Sister species:

Doctors prescribe the sister as either traditional or common:

- Sister in the traditional headaches affect one side of the head, and most people receive a warning before the start of headache is usually in the flashing lights or stars or lines of surf. Should be around 20% of cases of the traditional type of migraine
- Common in migraine, is often the only bidder in the form of a headache on one side of the head

Patients usually suffer Balhqaiqa or so-called migraine symptoms, such as visual disturbances, as well as headaches.
There is no clear reason for the situation, but are likely to be caused by the expansion of some blood vessels in the brain. Just before the onset of symptoms, narrowed small arteries in the brain, reducing blood flow. For reasons not entirely clear, starting with headache and can accommodate small arteries again.

Possible causes:

There seems to be some of the reasons that caused the sister of a heart in some people, such as:
- Tension, stress
- Some foods, such as cheese, chocolate and coffee
- Wine
- Missed meals
- Pill
- Menstruation
- Intercourse

There is a high proportion of people living with Balhqiqp relatives suffer from it as well.

Signs and symptoms of sister:

With the growing sense of a headache, may also show some of the following symptoms:

- Vomiting
- Aversion to bright light (photophobia)
- Irritability

Sister may precede a change in vision or painful tingling in one of the two fronts of the face or body, or coveting a certain type of food.

After the expiration of a heart sister, someone feels the desire to sleep. It is unusual to continue bout sister for more than 24 hours, although some people may suffer from seizures due to separated by a day or so.

Treatment options Associates (migraine):

Lies medications to prevent seizures sister to avoid any factors that precipitate a seizure.
May help identify foods that are dealt with and other factors in order to be able to determine the probable cause of the seizure. In many cases, a simple change in diet to prevent the recurrence of heart

At the beginning of a sense of headache sister, can analgesics or drugs for his brother that affect the blood vessels in the brain to help ease the pain. The doctor advise you to address anti-emetic drugs to quell nausea and / or vomiting, or may prescribe you some drugs that protect against heart long-term treatment.

Care's special treatment of migraines:

- Start treatment immediately pain sister. The approach represents the best opportunity to stop the pain early.
- Use of aspirin (adults only), or acetaminophen or Alaboparvin the appropriate dose to relieve pain
- People can stop the heart sister to sleep in a dark room or the consumption of caffeine from coffee or cola

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