Diabetic foot

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Diabetic foot
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Is a serious disease affecting patients with diabetes and is one of the main reasons for the survival of diabetic patients hospitalized in the surgery, and may affect about 5-6% of patients with diabetes type II and 7% of diabetics over the age of sixty, including diabetic foot syndrome a group of diseases may occur together or unique The

1. Neuritis

2. Palaces session arterial

3. Arthritis patients with Charcot Charcot neuroarthropathy nervous

4. Diabetic foot

5. Bone decay

Any · and lead to the danger can be avoided a risk of amputation

• In what is often inflammation of the nerves is the sole cause of 45-60% of the diabetic foot, while the lack of arterial session is the main reason why 10% of cases and in 25% to 45% causes are lack of collectively + inflammation Aloedab with other causes

· Stem the seriousness of diabetic foot amputations that occur in patients with diabetes 15 times more than non-patients with diabetes.

· But to amputate one of the parties does not end the problem, it is loaded with a high mortality rate and a very high rate of amputation of the other party


Prevention is better than cure

· By following the instructions sustainable foot care in diabetics and detect any small problem and treatment

Treatment must be at the surgeon with experience with a medical team integrated


Microbial infection

A wide range of aerobic and anaerobic microbes positive and Gram negative bacteria besides the constituents Aalba be common in Acute

And must be done swab culture of the ulcer before the start of the antibiotic with the importance of excellent and if there is inflammation of the cellular recommended blood work farm

If the ulcer is superficial

· Work of cleaning clinic

Action Parts · Bitdadbn non-adhesive

· Antibiotic after taking a swab and subsequently adjusted to get the result and to know the sensitivity of microbes to antibiotics

· Not use the team - and not to hold body weight by

In case of severe microbial infection with high fever, a sore foot, cellular and pus

• Introduction of the patient to the hospital

· Giving antibiotics (more than one antibiotic) - by intravenous injection

· Covering various microbes such as penicillin, a water + Mezonidasul (or Claforan - Sivobid) to appear as a result of the foot swab and blood - which must be cultivated aerobically and anaerobically in separate farms

Operative treatment

"I often can save a foot if the blood vessels intact," or were overcome any shortcomings of

· Must eradicate the infected tissues and bones inflammatory

B. All dead tissue must Istsalha and this can not be done correctly, but in the operations room often under general anesthetic (short)

· Must be wound output flat without deep pockets - and without dead tissue - dominated by red color and has no unpleasant odor, which results in rot and decay of dead tissue

· Tissue, which seems like a sound down may be needed more than cleaning topical

· Toes around infected Boukrrarij objective must be amputated How many legs amputated after attempts to save the fingers do not have jobs

Sugar control

· Must be within the hospital

Flights to tuning can not be sugar without an effective surgical treatment of the feet burning

B. All Almrsy water must be treated with insulin according to the analysis in the hospital until the control of the problem in the foot

N Some cases require advanced methods such as injection of insulin pump

· Delivered in the hospital must be the shortest possible period

o Sun to avoid transmission of microbes from the hospital to the patient Nosocomial infection

o to maintain the psychological state of the patient

The redistribution of body weight on the foot infected

Need Football League - weeks to many months to heal the ulcer, the only way to recover is to re-distribute weight to prevent the body weight of pressure ulcer or a place of contact with them and this is difficult in practice da

Alrajp bed and be in the acute phase and is very useful in the short term

Gypsum - Installation of collection of below the knee with the work of ulcers on the window clean-up and parts, but it must be very carefully padded plaster from the inside

Shoes modern medical

· Leather boots with semi-solid parts of the interior region Almqalbp ulcer healing can then discuss the work of a special medical shoe internal distribution of weight from a place of ulcer healing

Painful inflammation of the nerves

· Result in burning continuously in the feet and must be distinguished from inadequate arterial session is the most dangerous

· Could be accumulating medicines

· There are modern devices to alert shortwave nerve

Important note about medical footwear

· Must make sure of their use in ongoing

N Some patients think it out outside the home and inside the house Alcbesb home enough and this is a common mistake

N Some patients do not like the form of medical boot - must teach them the importance and seriousness of non-wear

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