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Doctors confirmed that the radish is one of the oldest natural remedies effective to remove the congestion and obstruction in the airways, and garlic, it contains the article "Alolsin" which earns the distinctive smell, and earnings also features anti-virus, fungi and bacteria, so it helps to curb the symptoms of before they develop a cold and bronchitis, ease pain and inflammation of the throat and chest.

The whole foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits and cereals are kicking off what they contain sugar slowly in the body as they contain a high proportion of vitamins, "a, c, e", as well as zinc and selenium, which all help to combat cold viruses The influenza without overloading the body calories.

The doctors noted that Ginger stimulates circulation and warms the body and helps to get rid of phlegm and relieve symptoms of influenza, fever, colds before they spiral, and contribute to the restoration of vital when feeling frustrated.

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