Anaphylactic shock Anaphylaxis

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Anaphylactic shock Anaphylaxis

العوار ( صدمة الحساسية) Anaphylaxis

Is allergic reaction (allergic) an immediate and severe, and sometimes be life-threatening, and occurs within minutes of exposure to the substance causing the allergy.


the most serious risk of anaphylactic shock or narrow lock respiratory tract, which passes through air inhalation and exhalation are of course the case of life-threatening, as the afflicted can not breathe easily but have difficulty speaking or swallowing, choking may occur, but eventually, death.

Alawar, may cause sudden and severe drop in blood pressure (ie, shock), which can lead to loss of consciousness.

Each of the mentioned Altvaalin consider the case of medical emergency.

Anaphylactic shock also often cause a rash of red itchy blisters strongly, or swelling around the eyes or lips.

Treatment options:

The list of substances that can cause anaphylactic shock really long.

The most common reasons are that poisons insects, injection of penicillin, and some foods such as shellfish and peanuts.

If I was already due to the interaction of penicillin has Awari your body reacts also with drugs, antibiotics chemically related to penicillin family of drugs such as cephalosporins.

If I was already slightly from Alawar, you are more likely to suffer severe reaction if exposed again to allergy-causing substance that caused the interaction Alawari first. It is therefore important to carry an identity card in the form of a medical bracelet or necklace to learn of others that you've had a Awari by the interaction of a particular substance.

You provide assistance to those who show him that he injured Balawar until the first aid immediately, as the Alawar, can cause death within minutes.

Injection of epinephrine opens the airways and restore blood pressure to normal level.

If you previously that I was the interaction of Auarin Fissecef Alabernfrin drug your doctor, and guides you on how to Haknnk for yourself and advise that you carry a loaded Mhakna Balabernfrin in case of possible exposure to the interaction Awari another.

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