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Système respiratoire

Organisms derive energy stored in organic compounds, during the subsidence and fragmentation sailed energy stored on the power state actively exploited in different biological processes, as well as in the activation of some chemical compounds to form new compounds contribute to increase the amount of protoplast and thus the growth of the organism is known as the disintegration process and the oxidation of organic compounds and release of energy stored by the state of free energy out of breath and attic Valtnevs is the process of oxidation and reduction occur in all living cells causing the energy in the starting reactants on the active power state and therefore, reverse the process of construction known representation of photosynthesis and products that are counterproductive, as in the following statement.

The transfer of energy within the plant

Trivpamp energy transfer in living organisms depend on the presence of compounds Mvsafarp Phosporylated Compounds such as vehicles ATP) diphosphate (ADP), (Adenosine triphosphate Adenosine can store and transfer energy. Fundamental part of these compounds is a compound Eladinusin which consists of a compound Purines linked sugar ribose and three sets of phosphoric acid as in the case of ATP and two sets of DNA in the case of ADP and the correlation of the Association is Esther.
When analyzing the impact of the enzyme ATP extract the appropriate slot terminal phosphate and the resulting amount of energy equivalent to 000.12 price for each part, the same amount of energy produced from the decomposition of ADP to produce AMP, The construction of phosphorus in the AMP when Adinleyk acid to decompose resulting in relatively less energy previous energy estimated 3000 price of each part
Useful to ask ourselves about the reason for the relatively large difference in free energy from the decomposition of individual ATP for AMP isolated from the decomposition of the reason is that the oxygen atoms in the molecule Alberovosvat in ATP and ADP Carrying negative molecular phosphorus atoms also carry a positive charge and thus required a large amount of energy to overcome the dissonance between an electrical replica on the oxygen atoms and phosphorus atoms and energy when you start analyzing these compounds are known association between the molecules of the above links Alberovosvat energy-rich energy-rich phosphate bond can compound such as ADP to store energy through a bundle of phosphate by ATP to be in the process of The breathing is again to be given to another compound in the interaction of another vital

Place where the breath

Breathing organisms occurs in a small Balmitakondria is known as a power house, where enzymes containing breathing objects that surrounded Gshaiitin will join two units inside them and filling Krebs cycle enzymes and compounds of the outputs of many enzymatic reactions and notes Alcetokromat density in the mitochondria of active cells such as cells Almirstimip and where, by the mitochondria. In view of the mitochondria contain DNA, it has the ability to divide without relying on the kernel.
Changes that occur during the process of respiration:
Research showed similar process of respiration in all living organisms. Is divided into two types of respiration anaerobic respiration in the absence of oxygen and breathing air.
Aerobic respiration
Divided the steps through which the two types of breathing into two key stages: --
1) Algelkzh Glycolysis and the sugars become party (Alhecishet) to acid Alberovic Pyruvic acid and is this stage in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration. That these non-stage air bags.
2) the second phase becomes acid Alberovic to:
Aithail alcohol and carbon dioxide, as in yeast, called this process is the process of fermentation and in the absence of oxygen
Alberovic to become acid and lactic acid in the muscles of animals
Turn Alberovic acid to carbon dioxide and water and in the presence of oxygen In all cases, the specific energy

First: Algelkzp Glycolysis
Reactions begin analysis of glycogen and starch by degradation by the enzyme phosphorus Alfosfoelez which analyzes Association Alglicosidip 1-4 at third party shorthand part starch or glycogen. The decomposition of enzyme Alfosforelez Amylopectin chain branching by 55% for not being able to skip the Association 1-6 and the resulting marginal dextrin. Then turns phosphate 1 - phosphate to glucose - 6 - Phosphoglucomutase glucose by the enzyme in the presence of magnesium either glucose others must have Mvsafar of phosphorylation using ATP by an enzyme Hexokinase then turns 6 phosphate - fructose by the enzyme Phosphohexoisomerase then enzyme Phosphofructokinase Pfsafarp 6 phosphate - fructose to phosphate 1, 6 fructose, then disintegrate phosphate to fructose boats each Alkrbuns structure consists of three carbon atoms are: phosphate Dihydroxialumini acetone and glycerine aldehyde phosphate by the enzyme Aldolase is an enzyme Phosphate triose isomerase transformation of hydroxy acetone phosphate to 3 Vosfo glycerine aldehyde.
Then the first reaction occurs by oxidation, where glycerine aldehyde phosphate is oxidized and reduced NAD and turn a result of the oxidation of aldehyde to acid and part of the energy that starts in the formation of ATP.
The enzyme transformation Phosphoglyceromutase 3 Vosfoalgelesrik Vosfoalgelesrik to 2 in the presence of magnesium.
Water and the disarmament of the former compound in the presence of an enzyme enolase is composed Vosfoaynul Alberovic. Then Pyruvic kinase enzyme to catalyze the image shifted to Alaynulip acid Alberovic at the big picture Alkithonip the most consistent and uses a portion of energy resulting in the phosphorylation ADP to ATP.

This concludes Algelkzp and produces about 4 molecules of ATP while consuming which Dzeian Vtkon Dzeian collected only from ATP. Then enter Alberovic acid in alcoholic fermentation or lactic fermentation to be anaerobic respiration or enter Alberovic acid cycle for the flak Itaatm breathing antenna.

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