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Methods of prevention and treatment:
1 - eating Manifold and useful:
Must maintain proper nutrition and adequate, and rich in calories and protein and iron, especially dealing with green vegetables and red meat and liver, and also the appropriate foods, fish and seafood and chicken, and legumes such as beans, peanut .
2 - If you are planning planning a pregnancy Voschiro doctor about the quality of food needed to be addressed during pregnancy.
3 - The liver, red meat, eggs and fruit.
4 - More than food that contains plenty of vitamin C, which is found in fresh vegetables, lemon, oranges and potatoes.
5 - More than food that contain folic acid Mthb mushrooms, liver, legumes, and others.
6 - Apple:
Bakchorh either eaten fresh or drinking fresh juice from the record and the way to drink a cup of fresh apple juice once in the morning and another in the evening
7 - Strawberry:
They are rich in minerals and vitamins is used to purify the blood and body of toxins and by eating fresh strawberries and non-Almffersnp by a quarter kilogram per day.
8 - Arena:
It contains a compound that is Aldaizojnin well as vitamin and low-sugar in the blood and are good for colon problems and the cracked skin but the benefits are great in anemia and the way be taken to fill one teaspoon of powder-fine and the track pure and mixed with honey taken once daily before lunch and another quarter of an hour before dinner, a quarter of an hour .
9 - Use this mixture to the treatment:
Mix equal amounts of thyme, mint, chamomile flowers, then taken to fill a spoon from the mixture and immersed in a cup of boiled water and leave for 5 to 10 minutes and then settles and drink before lunch and before dinner.
10 - Watercress:
Vegetables and watercress is considered useful for the treatment of anemia, where taken to fill a tablespoon of fresh watercress juice 2 to 3 times a day with water or fresh milk, and that eating a whole bunch of fresh watercress washed well, especially in the winter as it is the separation of watercress serve the same purpose and watercress Good to purify the blood.
11 - barley with milk:
Taken as about 100 to 150 grams of barley flour mixed with a pint of milk, buttermilk "sour" and add the atoms of the mixture of salt and then stir well and put on the backburner and leaves on the fire for ten minutes and stir from time to time and when finished add a cream or as pure honey plus a handful of raisins without seeds and then eaten with a note that this recipe does not give people with diabetes.
12 - halva:
They are distinct for anemia It contains sesame oil and sweat-sweet white sesame seed feeder and this recipe and vitamin Msmonp but should not be used by diabetics.
13 - lemon:
Lemon is a material rich in vitamin c which strengthens the immune system and is taken to fill a cup of lemon juice after lunch and another after dinner directly.
14 - iron gluconate:
This is the body lotion is sold in food stores supplements and the best among pharmaceutical absorption.
15 - chlorophyll:
A green powder extracted from the vegetables is rich in iron and some vitamins
There are important and which product in the shops and food supplements used to treat anemia
16 - Brazilian Ginseng:
The roots of the plant and Ginseng contains substances soap
Which is a good tonic and is useful in cases of anemia, there are several formulations of it in pharmacies where there syrup from capsules and tablets and the same roots as they are.
17 - Folic acid:
A product prevents anemia and strengthen the appetite and reduces cholesterol.
18 - increasing the hours of sleep and comfort levels, including sleep during the day.
19 - increased ischemia and a lot of the body fluids of different
20 - Avoid coffee and caffeine compounds and fatty dishes heavy during the night
21 - Avoid strenuous activity.

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