Air and sports .. The best remedy for depression

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Air and sports .. The best remedy for depression

Berlin - an expert from Olmani prominent in the treatment of mental and neurological conditions that fresh air and exercise help to get rid of the depression that affects some in the late fall and early winter.

Said Frank Schneider, President of the German Medical Association for the treatment of psychiatric, neurological and psychiatric director of University Hospital Aachen: "One of the reasons for feeling depressed is that we spend less time outside the home as well as lower level of physical activity during the winter."

Schneider added that the feeling of apathy and the difficulty of getting out of bed in the morning is normal during those months.

He added that the main reason behind the case of seasonal or psychological disorder known as "winter depression" due to the lack of daylight, but it is not a disease and should not be confused with clinical depression, which would be the most prominent symptoms of deep sadness and a sense of apathy and loss of power for the last two weeks at least, and to suffer from these symptoms should consult their family doctor or a psychiatrist.

Schneider says that individuals can continue their lives without natural light for a long time as long as the practice of preserving the lives and social contacts enough to be "true that they are in a bad way .. but that does not automatically mean injury depression."

The Schneider, however, that despite the bright light therapy has proven effective in helping some people with depression, the light bulbs stimulates the brain not to the hormone melatonin, which pay rights of drowsiness, and then help to restore the body's sleep-wake cycle and to improve the mood.

Schneider, and stresses that these bulbs are not necessary for people who enjoy good health of those who suffer from seasonal depression ... and say otherwise but "babbling" as we tried to get a sufficient amount of fresh air and March exercise.

Schneider advised the incentives necessary to get adequate lighting outside the home even though the overcast skies.

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