How to assess yourself from liver disease

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How to assess yourself from liver disease


Ocean / liver disease has become a concern for many people prosecuted because of lack of full awareness of the seriousness of the disease and spread among a large segment of society resulting from the erroneous practices that cause the transmission of viral hepatitis "B" and "C", and is often transmitted by unsafe transport of blood, or via sexual contact, and cause a serious disruption of liver enzymes could eventually lead to cancer or cirrhosis of the liver.

And received a page of scientific Arabic news network "around" a lot of questions from readers on this subject dear after the presentation of a symposium on liver disease, Dr. Ahmed Professor Dora the digestive system and liver-Azhar University, and focused most of the questions about knowledge of the causes of transmission of the virus to the liver of the human body, and methods of prevention
, and foods that are supposed to be addressed by a patient liver.

Hepatitis and types:

Hepatitis is one of the types of infections affecting the liver, and the main types abc "", is often limited inflammation of any person can live and coexist with it, but there are some cases evolve to advanced stages of disease, may lead to cirrhosis of the liver, or chronic, or end in the last stages of the disease to liver cancer.

Virus "a":

Doctors describe virus "a" to be less harmful species, and can occur anywhere in the world, and is transmitted through the mouth of any food or drink contaminated with the virus, symptoms begin weakness and weakness, it is possible that yellowing of the eyes with a tendency to vomiting, painless abdominal, and change the color of urine, and if treatment is not the situation develops inflammation of the liver.

The incubation period is two weeks to a month and a half, and is diagnosed by medical examination, and measurement of liver enzymes, which are rising rates, or by identifying antibodies to the virus.
As for the methods of prevention of HIV Vtkon a health education about personal hygiene such as washing hands before and after eating, and disposal of sewage in a healthy way to prevent access to the hands of children, and to ensure the safety of the water pipes used for drinking, and make sure the cleanliness of food, and boiling milk well, and control flies and flying insects which can transmit the disease.

There are vaccines against the virus, a, and given to all in the epidemic if the disease has spread in a place, and also for those living with persons infected with the disease, and travelers to areas of the epidemiology of this virus, and also gives workers in all restaurants and food stores, can also medical professionals such as doctors and nurses to take these doses.

Is the treatment of symptoms of the virus such as nausea, vomiting, cramping, and yellowing of the eyes by a specialist doctor, preferably confined to bed for a period of 3 days to 6 days, in addition to the need to complete cleansing of all the instruments used in both the patient's food, or even a towel and otherwise, and thereby cures the patient exactly one month after the onset of symptoms of illness, this type of hepatitis does not turn to the situation never chronic, the patient is totally cured if proper treatment under medical supervision as appropriate.

Virus "b":

Virus is a "b" of the most common types of hepatitis viruses among humans, with an estimated number of people living with HIV is at least 300 million people around the world, usually transmitted through transport unhealthy blood, through sexual contact, and the virus is transmitted from mother to unborn child when birth, but scientists have not yet proved the possibility of transmission from mother to child, and can also be transmitted when you use the person's personal tools used by the HIV patient Komwas shaving, toothbrushes, and tools used at the dentist.

The total incubation period of HIV b of two to three months, and symptoms of disease begins with mild fever, poor appetite, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and then change the color of urine, and yellowing of the eyes, and recognizes the patient if the virus quickly in the process of medical examination
But if the person to ignore the virus infection has become chronic to the image, and lead to cirrhosis of the liver, and finally to liver cancer.

The diagnosis of HIV through medical examination, and laboratory analysis to determine the conditions already, and carrying cases of the disease, and chronic conditions, be prevented by addressing the 3 vaccinations against the virus in each dose and the other month, this vaccine protects against infection by 96% for at least 7 years, and are given mostly to workers in the medical field, and situations that always need blood transfusion, and drug addicts for injection, and also for the oceans in any condition already exists.

To increase the emphasis must be to follow the patient virus b physician for the possibility of continuing the passive activity of the virus at any time.

Virus "c":

It is similar with the virus b in most cases, but can spread more virus b, and is commonly transmitted through blood transfusion, scientists did not prove so far that it is transmitted through sexual contact, and the incubation period of the disease are from two weeks to 6 months, and the symptoms are much lighter of the symptoms of the virus b, but they are very similar, and rarely up to the most critical stages of cirrhosis of the liver 20%, or cancer 5%.

The problem is that he is the liver of the silent members do not reflect the problem easily, so doctors are advised to all those suffering from these symptoms to rush to the doctor, and detection and testing, which may indicate infection, note that the testing is expensive, and if there was a reference to the presence of the disease
it is necessary to the work of lab tests show activity of the virus in the blood through the examination of "hbe - aj", or check "bcrhbv-dna" which shows the amount of virus in the blood.

Cures liver:

With regard to innovations in the treatment of liver diseases - particularly HIV, "CNN" - Dr. Ahmed Professor Dora the liver and digestive system that HIV-Azhar University "C" is still a problem for doctors, where there is no drug eliminated the disease in the present time, as that chemotherapy is not eradicated the disease completely, but it is a treatment leads to partial control of the activity of the virus body, and the best estimates of up to 30% of patients who are to control the activity of the virus in their bodies, not eliminate it altogether.

He added that the treatment, "interferon" is the main treatment used to treat the disease, is a suppressor of immune therapy only, and modern medicine in the market is still incapable of dealing with the disease, but doctors are focusing in the treatment of patients on the preventive side rather than on the curative side through vaccination
against the virus.

Food patient's liver:

The General Egyptian to study infectious diseases of the liver that proper diet for patients with liver part of the treatment just like medicine, in general, as long as the efficiency of the liver should not reasonable for patients to avoid any food, any food that is appropriate, which contains carbohydrates, protein and fat, and contains vitamins and minerals task, of course, refrain from drinking alcohol.

For chronic hepatitis are contraindications to eat proteins, and should encourage patients to eat plant and animal proteins, with diets containing the rest of the important elements.

For liver patients generally must be given power, green, vegetable incomplete Alzbek "congratulate congratulate ×" and fruit, where studies have proven the presence of antioxidants in these foods, which helps the body fight diseases of the liver, which contains food is a large amount of fruit and vegetables and a few fat can reduce the incidence of liver tumors, as well as prefer to use the olive oil in the absence of the fungus, which may produce aflatoxin article, may help to liver tumor incidence.

General warns patients not to eat the liver of food and dishes that use the methods of cooking is not borne (eg, foundry), while for poor digestion and bloating should only abstain from food that may cause swelling, for example, if the spinach has caused trouble you moved it, patients are also advised to note the
types of foods that cause them trouble, and thus arrive to the list of appropriate food and non-appropriate for them.

As for the foods that may cause swelling for liver patients are cereals, cabbage, sweet peppers, onions, thyme, mushrooms, leeks, cabbage, potato salad, boiled eggs, full Muhammarah dishes, and fatty and smoked dishes, tea or coffee heavy bubo, and nuts, "nuts, almonds, walnuts, walnut", the generous, fruit seeds, "such as grapes, guavas."

The Egyptian Association that signs of malnutrition in a patient in the liver is the apparent lack of weight, fat percentage and increase the proportion of muscle, and swelling of the foot and abdominal swelling, as well as muscle weakness and Dmorha, and can be seen in the muscles of the arm and thigh.

And the role of protein "meat" to the hepatitis Assembly stresses that proteins are the key to good food for these patients in general, and also is the way to prevent complications related to liver and neurological disorders in advanced cases.

When dealing with human meat; be digested and absorbed a smaller Dziyatea blood in the form of amino acids, but some proteins are not absorbed, and feed upon the bacteria that live inside the intestines, resulting in some of these bacteria and toxins that are absorbed within the liver, let alone to break down proteins, and absorption components of cracking such as ammonia in the blood, and go to these substances the patient's brain, and caused him neurological disorders.

We must know that the protein consists of amino acids, and we need this amino acid composition of muscle, and the human body itself, "even liver tissue," It is also important for the formation of hormones and enzymes that your body needs for various vital processes, and we must know that the protein composition of the hard fat and carbohydrates .

And gives the liver and the patient who complains of the symptoms of inability to concentrate, dizziness, tingling in the hand about 40 g protein per day, is recommended from time to time be increased to 60 gm per day, and proteins must be prevented at all in cases hepatic coma, and the rights of plant does not eat meat, and depends on a vegetarian diet, "vegetables" will get 30 grams protein per day at least of vegetables.

The Society advises patients to refrain from liver Salt in the case of swelling of the feet, and abdominal ascites, and the patient should be aware that a liter of milk contains 102 grams of salt, as well as mineral water containing salt, and the use of fruits and vegetables given a low-salt diet.

And substitutes the use of salt is advised doctors to use fresh green salad without adding salt, and use fresh fruit, lemon, vinegar, herbs, spices, garlic, onions, and tomatoes, as well as the food is full Alzbek "congratulate congratulate ×", and the use of refundable, watercress,
leeks, and also can the use of salt substitutes such as potassium chloride, or salt medical.

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