. defects diet chemical

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defects diet chemical

I talked previously about her diet and chemical characteristics and brought round to talk about the disadvantages:

1 - The dependence on a large amount of food in the diet helps to continue the great size of the stomach, which represents a problem when no return to normal eating with the family

2 - This system must be implemented strictly unchanged and exit the system and even in the narrower borders may backfire over weight. Can not predict the consequences of departures from this chemical system.

3 - This diet contains large quantities of proteins that may represent a burden on the liver and kidneys, especially in patients whose liver function and kidney in the case closer to the weakness of which to the normal level, as well as those patients who suffer from high level of urea in the blood and Amad gout This results in the diet the high level of acid in the blood urea with the emergence of episodes of gout pain.

4 - This system is not commensurate with the health of the disappearance of Marie diabetes carbohydrates than in most meals, which drives the body's metabolism to burn ketoacidosis with increased secretion Ahamop in the blood, which represents a major threat for these patients and may lead to injury, comatose.

5 - It is known that the medical system would lead to food chemical acid secretion in the cells and blood is released This provision, in the urine, but the body's ability to withstand such acidity varies from person to person. These excess acidity in the blood to a severe disruption in heart rhythm, which may cause sudden death.

6 - can not be considered chemical diet diet Yemen followed throughout life or for long periods. And must be followed by a low-calorie diet in order to restore harmony to the body of qualitative toward food.

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