Scientists discover gene that occurs eye diseases

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Scientists discover gene that occurs eye diseases

In an important step towards combating blindness in the process of aging, scientists were able to identify a gene that is believed one of the ever more in the incidence of eye diseases that weaken the ability to vision, and lead to blindness with age.

Scientists believe that the suspect gene is the leading cause of disease "spots or rash associated with old age," a complex illness that occurs as a result of several factors, and usually affects adults in the age of 65 years and older, according to the Associated Press.

The researchers at the University of Oregon Health & Science accurately identifying the gene, after the approach in the genetic material of an extended family (more than a generation) infected with the disease.

The head of the research team, Dennis Schultz, "The research team lucked out finding a family of ten people infected with the disease."

The condition causes the destruction of one of the most sensitive areas in the retina, and take away the patient so that the ability to read a book or to identify a person's face. In extreme cases of the disease, leads to blindness and complete.

The disease affects about six million Americans, the number will double by 2030.

Says Dr. Johanna Seddon of Harvard University, said that many of the studies will be conducted on the new gene to identify whether the only factor behind the disease, or are there other factors.

And the state ensure that the gene is the only factor in causing the disease, gene therapy can be used to delay or prevent the disease altogether.

The study was published Tuesday on the website of the journal "Molecular Genetics of humanity", and printed paper to be issued in December next.

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