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Small intestine الامعاء الدقيقة

Small intestine small intestine
Malabsorption is the degradation of the ability of the lining of the small intestine to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals and to make it up to the bloodstream in abundance.

Food is absorbed out of the body with the fecal waste.
There are many cases can cause the case of malabsorption include pancreatic inflammation, chronic and remove a portion of the small intestine and stomach, lactose intolerance and Crohn's disease and intestinal Alrdob, disease underground.

The fall of the heart and blood vessel inflammation cardiovascular disorders could disrupt nutrient absorption to cause swelling of the lining of the intestine.


If you are experiencing malabsorption, may get diarrhea and weight loss, is affected also by a lack of vitamins or minerals or a lack of anemia.

Treatment Options

So diagnosed malabsorption, you recorded your doctor your medical history of patients, and assess your symptoms and disease are blood tests to detect anemia.
May be ordered analysis of a sample of stool to detect the presence of fat is absorbed from the intestine, may take the sample from the lining of the small intestine for the examination and this is done through the introduction of an exploratory flexible tube through the mouth to the intestine for tissue sampling.
Built to remedy the situation caused by the treatment whatever.

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