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Noun: It is a steroid that promotes chemical reactions with protein and also promotes skeletal growth. It is also used to treat certain types of anaemia. The possible adverse effects include swollen ankles, nausea and vomiting, jaundice , and aggressive behaviour. In men, Nandrolone may cause difficulty in passing urine. In women, it may cause irregular menstruation and abnormal hair growth.

Noun: A medical term for a tumour (any new, abnormal growth). Neoplasms may or may not be cancerous.

Adjective: Neoplastic

Greek - néos = new +
Greek - plássein = to form

Noun: A condition where there is a low level or decrease in the number of neutrophils in the blood. Neutropenia is one of the qualifying conditions of AA .

Adjective: Neutropenic - having the condition of neutropenia.

Latin: neuter = not either (but also the neutro is short for neutrophil) +
Greek - penia = poverty

Noun: Neutropenic refers to neutrophils . The patient with AA or MDS has a very low immune system due to the low neutrophil count. He or she suffers with neutropenia . For this reason, they must be very alert to hygiene and the food that they eat.

See Clean Diet definition or Clean Diet section

Noun: The most important and abundant of the granular white blood cells which protects the body against infection by absorbing and destroying waste or harmful material, such as disease-producing bacteria. Pus consists largely of neutrophils, dead bacteria and dead cells.

The action of neutrophils in "swallowing" bacteria has led to their being called phagocytes (literally eating cell). Neutrophils remain in the blood for only about 6 to 9 hours before moving through blood vessel walls into the tissues, where they survive for a few more days. Neutrophils are produced in the bone marrow by stem cells and move into body tissues and fluids where they do their work. They make up about 50 to 75 percent of the total number of white blood cells. It has a neutral reaction to the staining proceedure with the acid and alkaline dyes, thus it's name.

If you have AA or MDS , when you have your blood tests done, the number of neutrophils is a main area they will be looking at as if this gets too low, you are at a serious risk of infection.

Latin - neuter = not either + (referring to the two basic dyes used to stain cells for viewing)
Greek - philos = loving

Noun: A nucleated (having a central nucleous) precursor to the erythrocyte ( red blood cell ). See Haematopoiesis for picture.

Latin - norma = rule or pattern +
Greek - blastós = sprout

Adjective: Normal in colour. Said of the blood when the haemoglobin level is within normal limits.

Latin - norma = rule or pattern +
Greek - chrôma = colour

Adjective: Doctor talk for a red blood cell that is of normal size, shape and colour.

Noun: Normocyte

Latin - norma = rule or pattern +
-cyte = a cell from Greek - kytos = anything hollow.

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