Early diagnosis of cancer through blood tests

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Early diagnosis of cancer through blood tests

A team from Harvard University of America, to the modern method to examine the blood cells that cause the dissemination of cancer, including predicting Sieodh cancer after treatment. The team found after taking samples of 20 men with cancer, "Prostate" cancer cells spread in patients with tumors that did not spread, "low-grade cancers," In patients who had eradicated the gland "prostate" three months ago. The Sonitha Najrat, who led the study, "These groups of patients we do not normally expect to see them spread of cancerous cells, so this test gives us a tremendous amount of information about their exposure to risk again".
The researcher believes that such a test is a blood test to detect prostate cancer, where this test can detect about 200 cancer cell spread, through the amount of blood the size of a teaspoon taken from cancer patients.
Prostate cancer is the most deadly men after lung cancer, but often the disease is slow-growing, and there is no confirmation on who the doctors are men who have the most deadly species, and those men who are most vulnerable to the spread of disease or return.

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