Gallbladder helps to digest food and absorb Bitterness .. How prophylactics diseases?

Gallbladder المرارة

Gallbladder gallbladder

The bitterness of the vital organs in the body in view of the content of the posts is very important .. And the ancient doctors used to call it the name of the yellow bag .. It works to purify the liver of the credit foam and help cleanse the blood and move the stool and bowel cleaning

Pear bag

Exist in the region right of the abdomen, specifically the bottom of the liver. And serves as a muscular bag small pear-like in shape .. It is equipped with one slot from the top tube connected through a short spin of the channel is longer (bile duct) comes from the liver and relate to the first part of the small intestine known as "the twelve" as excreted material is the so-called yellow bile stored ulcer bitterness.

Chemical message

This juice works to help in the digestion of fats and absorption upon the arrival of food into the intestine, where the lining of the gut telling they need to juice to complete the digestion process and that by sending chemical strong is the hormone Chollsistokeinin CCK, which is transmitted to the gall bladder via the blood. In turn, begin to crunch through the muscle layer, which helps entwined with the arrival of juice required in the digestion and absorption of fatty substances, cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins are. During transit in the intestine, whether minute or heavy, they are subject
Interactions result in a change in the color tends to be brown rather than yellow. In cases of diarrhea, notes the absence of sufficient time to convert the color to the stool is tilted to the greening as is the case for children.

Collection and storage

In the periods between meals, this fluid does not pay to the intestine due to the lack of food. Therefore, remains concentrated in the gall bladder, which are compiled and stored and to increase its focus .. Despite the small size but it can contain within them all sorts of juice per day by absorbing wall of water, retaining only the basic components.


Of the most important diseases that can infect the gall bladder stones, which consists usually after repeated infections, especially in women over the age of forty who interfere with them the large number of pregnancy and childbirth, lack of exercise. Food is also the main causes for the composition of the pebbles, specifically the eastern food that contains a high percentage of fat .. In addition, it is known for cholesterol because it helps in the composition and cause intestinal infections that are directly responsible for acute infections bitterness .. In the event moved the stones to the bile ducts leads to jaundice and colic incidence of severe acute and result in severe liver damage.

Ancient times

Been known since ancient times that olive oil makes it easier for its work in the gallbladder bile to the intestine to send. That is why eating two tablespoons of it every day to improve the patient's condition. Moreover, it should reduce the intake of fat in the meals and that he must stay away from fruit for fiber and seeds with seeds should be removed and filtered well. Should also refrain from materials such as spicy vinegar and pepper, soft drinks and ice cream and sausage.

Store up

And remove the gallbladder does not affect the life a lot because the bile ducts with access to the liver and intestine to grow and work as a store of Yellow In addition, the liver can store the yellow as it has a store up.

Must be the removal

There are cases to be removed is necessary, namely:

- When there is an acute inflammation of Merari accompanied by high temperatures and increased pain that appears in the gallbladder when the doctor presses on with increasing proportion of white blood cells in the blood.

- When infection recurrent attacks of acute biliary colic as a result of the presence of gallstones.

- In the case of the emergence of X-rays negative failure to perform any functions and bitterness that comes with the repeated complaints of chronic indigestion and feeling constantly vomiting and the presence of gas and pain on the left side of the abdomen.

- And when they finally hang their work due to obstruction of the bile ducts and to the American Journal of prophylactics this case must be the need to lose weight in proportion to height.

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