Brittle nails

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Brittle nails

Brittle nails

Particular fragility of the nails tend to split and (or) to break easily at the slightest trauma.

Your nails become brittle and break at any time. Our Natural Pharmacy will be able to deal effectively and quickly to this situation.

That is what you do and take at least 3-4 months:

1) Remove all obviously stressors zone:

• By the routine use of gloves (one pair of cotton in contact with the skin covered with a pair
rubber) for all household work in humidity, including peeling vegetables and fruits,
and for any activity which might damage them (typing, crafts, gardening, etc..).
• By avoiding prolonged contact with nails and hot water baths extended fingers
in soapy water in order to soften the cuticles.
• Using emery files instead of metal to maintain them.

2) What you must do so by local port:

• Every other day, soak your nails at night before bedtime (eg watching
television) in a bowl filled a third of a well homogenized mixture of olive oil + a tablespoon
vinegar alcohol + a pinch of boric acid for a quarter of an hour before
Carefully wipe without washing.

• Whenever possible and systematically after each wash hands, rub your nails with
lemon pulp. To think, always have therefor a half lemon in a conspicuous place near
the sink of your kitchen sink and your bathroom.

3) What you need to take a cure continues:

• Pollen: a well rounded tablespoon of natural pellets diluted in a glass of plain water
or freshly squeezed orange juice every morning starting breakfast.

• Yeast: 2-3 g of powder in capsules to be taken in two doses morning and evening with a glass
water at the beginning of meals. Of course you can absorb the morning taken with the juice of oranges

• Nettle: 2 g total micronized powder in capsules to be taken in two doses (noon and evening) at the time of
• Horsetail: 3 g total micronized powder in capsules, or 300 mg of dry extract (misting), to take
twice (noon and evening) also at mealtimes.

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