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Diarrhea (medical consultation advisable and often essential)

Fecal both too numerous and too liquid.

Diarrhea is a syndrome associated with sero-mucous hypersecretion associated with an exaggerated peristalsis (which explains the frequency of colic). We distinguish diarrhea fermentation (rare) due to problems concerning the digestion of starch and carbohydrates, and putrefactive diarrhea (most common) caused by the decomposition of proteids. From a practical standpoint, this is either episodic acute diarrhea or chronic diarrhea, both of which can be infectious, toxic, drug (including during certain antibiotics) or simply functional.

We are dealing here only with the acute diarrheal episode commonplace in adults at a small intoxication or any food intolerance, a cold, a gastrointestinal trouble, etc.., febrile infectious diarrhea and chronic diarrhea are all handled by a specific treatment for the disease in question, and similarly, we recommend you call the doctor for any infant diarrhea for more than 24 hours because of the serious risk of acute dehydration.

Here is our natural treatment:

Lifestyle modifications

1) The rest is obviously essential, preferably in bed.

2) Diet:

• Day 1: Diet total water - enough to offset the losses - with only
plain water at room temperature and sweetened with honey, warm teas, water of rice you
prepare as follows: cook the rice well washed in a large quantity of cold water
at the outset that you leave then boil until the rice "die" and getting soggy, then go
This mixture has thickened starch grains open and drink the resulting liquid, after a little
salt in small quantities frequently.

• Dice the 2nd day: Go to vegetable broth and mashed carrots.

• Then on Day 3: Take the very rice cooked some pasta, tapioca, purees, porridge
thick and some dairy products (but avoiding milk may cause fermentation and

• Finally, as and when improvements, prudent and gradual recovery of grills,
eggs, vegetables, toast, etc.., to regain a normal diet.

Natural Therapeutics

1) Put a kettle of hot water or hot poultice of clay on his stomach, you
renew regularly.

2) Take:

• Coal plant (for power adsorbing gases and toxins) in the form of different
Proprietary Medicinal Products (Carbactive * - * Carbophos - Charcoal Belloc Formocarbine *- * -
Splénocarbine * - Etc..) Following the doses recommended by the laboratory that you will take two
taken (morning and afternoon) to swallow a little water.

• From the Ultra-yeast * (Saccharomyces boulardii), live yeast to reconstitute the intestinal flora if
was necessary, due to a powder capsule morning, noon and night.

You can also, to have a single drug intake instead of two, seek
some specialties that combine on the same format as coal and yeast (Carbophagix * and
Carbolevure * for example).

• berries of blueberry (for tannins with astringent properties) in the form of powder
Total micronized capsules at 2 g daily divided into 3 doses (morning, noon and evening) to swallow
a little water.

In an ordinary acute diarrhea, this simple treatment can fit everything in order in two or three days. But if the diarrhea persists beyond the third day, it is then necessary to move to more specific medications that your doctor will prescribe according to the results of the review of your clinical condition.

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