Variety of foods helps to avoid cancer

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Variety of foods helps to avoid cancer
A child should eat a variety of foods every day for good health  and proper growth. ( Brian Leng/Corbis.)

The researchers announced that the diversification of eating certain foods Kalkhalt between the chicken and broccoli, salmon and watercress could help in the fight against cancer.
Scientists say the combination of two types of food ingredients called "Solforavan" and "Slnomi" of more than ability to fight cancer by about 13 times, whichever is dealt with individually.
The discovery meant that it might become possible to identify a specific diet will help eliminate cancer.

There Alsolforavan, a chemical derived from plants and used to prevent and treat cancer, focused in large quantities in broccoli, cabbage, cabbage and watercress.

Include nuts, poultry, fish, eggs, sunflower seeds and mushrooms are rich amounts of the essential mineral selenium.

And selenium deficiency is associated with injury of many types of cancers, including prostate cancer. However, the diet containing half the levels of selenium metal.
Focused researchers from the Institute of Food Research on the gene or genes that play an important role in the formation and development of tumors and the spread of tumor cells.
When combined intake of Alsolforavan and selenium was a bigger impact on the intake of either gene alone.

The researchers say it may be possible to develop special foods or issue new guidelines for healthy eating.

He could also ask the cooks prepare recipes to combat the incidence of cancer Ksahn chicken with cabbage, red cabbage and add the nuts.

Dr. Yong Ping, a senior researcher said that the center "as a result of this research we hope to begin trials on humans for the prevention of cancer

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