Good reasons for refusing vaccination

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Good reasons for refusing vaccination


I have no intention to advise or dictate a choice to my readers. They have the right to my opinion and the reasons which dictate that choice. My belief is that everyone is free to take the final decision when it comes to his health, but to do so with all the information available and credible.

The world seems divided into two camps, that "for vaccination" and "cons vaccination!" As a measure of protection against H1N1. This is also valid for the scientific and medical world, for the general public.

I found that the anti-vaccination camp, the reasons cited for this choice are not necessarily good reasons, at least not in my point of view.

To quickly review, my opinion on what are bad reasons and good reasons to refuse vaccination.

Bad reasons:

The vaccine was produced quickly and there is not enough studies to assess its effectiveness.

My comment: As far as I know, this argument may be used for all vaccines, particularly vaccines against influenza in general. It is true that all vaccines, one against the flu is one of the most useless. This is not me saying, but doctors and scientists very credible: there is no independent scientific study proving the effectiveness of vaccines against influenza. The only studies available directly from the manufacturer of the vaccine laboratories or research laboratory with ties to the industry. Quite the contrary, according to Dr. Jefferson and the Cochrane researchers, the results of the synthesis of 15 clinical trials have not shown that vaccination would affect serious complications, mortality or HIV transmission relatives.

Another study in the United States between 1968 and 2001 did not establish a significant correlation between the increase in the number of seniors vaccinated and a decrease in mortality due to HIV.

And finally I give the last word to Dr. Graeme Laver, an Australian scientist who has been a major player in the design of influenza vaccines, it would have told The Scotsman: .. / vaccine that I helped develop is ineffective and better immunity acquired by natural contact with the virus. I've never been impressed by the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Me, I do not think we can be for some vaccines and other cons. It is the philosophy of vaccination bothers me is against the nature of things.

The H1N1 virus is ultimately a bit dangerous. It seems even less virulent than the seasonal flu virus.

My comment: I think that we should never underestimate the enemy, and here by definition, the virus. Indeed, the H1N1 virus does not seem more dangerous than seasonal flu virus. You can not compare him to H5N1 is highly virulent, with a mortality rate of 70%. But the H1N1 can also do damage, we see, especially in a younger age and usually spared the complications of flu.

We may refuse vaccination without being irresponsible with their health or that of our children. If vaccination is not without risk to his health, do nothing to improve his health, is equally dangereux.Préparez you confront an enemy that has potential to create significant damage in some people and especially young . But as I mentioned in my column "Should we be afraid of H1N1": do not be afraid, but be prepared!
Follow the prevention tips such as those given in this website (and in our friends section) and by advocates of alternative medicine and natural.

Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle by following the natural health factors, promoting health and strong immunity. Take adequate doses of vitamin D, probably the easiest and best protection you can apply. Be ready to respond the right way at the first symptoms of the disease, if it were to break. The first moments are critical, anything can happen in the first 24 hours. And do not relax your efforts, when improvement occurs. Continue several days the full treatment. The major damage often occur after the initial acute phase followed by a semblance of improvement.

But if you do not suffer from any health problem and that meets your lifestyle health factors, you have nothing to fear from a virus, it will not find fertile ground to interfere and put into action.

Good reasons to refuse the vaccine

The vaccine does not present a sufficient level of safety, there are numerous risk of reactions ranging from mild to very severe.

My comment: Even laboratories recognize the risk associated with the use of the vaccine! Of course, they minimize this risk by quantifying the 1 in 100,000. However, in Canada, we already had a problem with a batch of vaccine that has produced very severe reactions to a rate of 1 per 20,000. Of course, it is an isolated case ... Yes, perhaps, until now. Anyway, it surprised stronger than we ever have the exact figures of health problems related to vaccination, especially if they occur in the medium to long term after vaccination. He must realize that the risks associated with vaccination are not necessarily serious accidents in the hours after inoculation, but even medium and longer term, health problems affecting the nervous and immune systems, among others.

However this is a ludicrous and dangerous idea that to be injecting the genetic code of a virus, animal cells (the virus is grown in eggs) and highly toxic additives. I have a lot of difficulty understanding how such a process is conducive to protection and maintenance of a health organization, not to say that it is totally against nature intoxicated so.

I recall that the flu virus enters the body, naturally, by the upper respiratory tract (nose, mouth) and eyes. It is difficult to influenza virus, enter intramuscularly, as does the vaccine.

My logic tells me that the lining of the input channels of natural viruses have a system of first-line defense and are protected by the movement of mucus, enzymes and other biological fluids. This first line of defense is part of what is called the innate immune system, which is important in defending the body and the triggering of the adaptive immune system, which is wonderfully well equipped to respond to this kind aggression. As far as is allowed to operate normally, of course (for example, give Tylenol or other medication to reduce fever, is an unnatural act against the body's defenses).

In this sense, although I condemn any form of vaccination, the first American vaccine, which consisted of a nasal nebulizer, a live virus, seems more logical, since copy with more reality contamination by the virus influenza.

Vaccines are useless and they have more to weaken the defense system of the body.

My comment: Here in my opinion the best reason not to use the vaccine, no vaccine or elsewhere. Trust your body to respond to any aggression. Of course, give him the means to do so. You can not live against the laws of nature and physiology and hope that your body will respond adequately to a viral attack or another. Follow the natural factors of health, such as you advocate naturopaths, especially when they adhere to the method Hygionomiste ® *.

If you are a person at risk, that you suffer from a chronic illness, you must follow the advice of your doctor or better yet a health professional open to alternative medicine. It is time, more than ever, we actually take charge of your health today by implementing the first changes that will take you back to health.

If you are healthy, but your lifestyle does not include natural factors of health, particularly in regard to food and exercise. You may be unaware that a patient ... It is also time to take stock of your lifestyle and make sure there are no little symptoms that you wear may not notice, but would signal that is discrete time make changes in your lifestyle.

You will find this website a number of boards to adopt a lifestyle consistent with health. In our section of friends of my natural health, you will have access to advice and exclusive material on influenza and health in general.

* The members of the College of Naturopathic Naturopathic Quebec, apply the method Hygionomiste ®. For more information visit the website

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