Eye Health

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Eye Health

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Eye Health Several factors contribute to the increased exposure of the eye of many of the problems and dangers

God created the Almighty Al Ain to enjoy the human sense of sight, provided the eye with all means of protection and the needed protection, but the various changes that occur in the environment surrounding human beings and the differences in climate, sun exposure, dust, and the different quality of the food you eat, all contributed to the increased exposure of the eye of many of the problems and risks.

In general, the doctors and specialists in the field of medicine and the safety of the eyes, are advised to take some measures daily or periodically, for safety, including:

1 - pre-testing:

The procedure for complete examination of the consortium will not consider more than 30 minutes, but this time gives you enough because the full report on the health of your eye, and save your sight later.

And many Western doctors advise people to visit an eye doctor once a year, or once every two years at most.

2 - Stop smoking:

Especially in enclosed spaces, or in places where children are sitting. In general, all smokers of the opportunity to double their exposure to one of eye diseases, blindness, weakness of humans by natural persons who do not smoke.

3 - Maintaining fitness and public health:

Where doctors noted that obesity is directly related to the safety of the eye. Particularly as the direct cause of obesity in some diseases that lead to diseases of the eye, or that contribute to increased severity Kalisabp diabetes or other.

4 - Maintaining a balanced diet:

Eating good, help the body get rid of harmful substances, materials and informing him good and useful, especially if this system is rich in vegetables, fruits, and a little saturated fat. There are some kinds of vegetables to help the eye directly on the integrity, carrots, spinach, walnuts, fish oil, as these foods can contribute to the eye to get rid of "blue water".

5 - access to food supplements for the eye:

There are many vitamins that are considered dietary supplements to the eye, assisted in maintaining the freshness and strength. Especially for those suffering from eye fatigue, or have some problems. They can deal with products that contain antioxidants, and addressed the article "Lutein Lutein" available in leaf spinach, which emphasizes medical studies to protect against damage or bleeding blood vessels updated in the retina of the eye (from age) and also protect against disease and cataract ( damage the lens of the eye).

6 - Lack of sun exposure:

The exposure to the eye continually sunlight (especially in the desert country near the equator zone of the Gulf) that shows the retina to damage or injury, and contributes to the exposure to the eye more trouble with age. Therefore, doctors recommend wearing sunglasses medical (not sold in many shops cheap), and are advised to wear hats in the broad warm sunny days.

7 - Monitor the status of the eyes of the family:

Often associated with eye diseases on the family, are some eye diseases, or diseases that cause damage to the eyes, inherited diseases, and mobile between the same family. Are advised that individuals who have family legacy to be satisfactory in the eyes or diabetes, to monitor the situation of their eyes continuously, through the periodical inspection, and take advantage of the other tips mentioned in the article.

8 - Medical Check-Up:

There are some types of the disease which will help to eye damage, sometimes leading to blindness. Therefore, doctors are advised to conduct periodic examinations of the body, and to ensure public safety, and avoid exposure to diseases in general, and diseases that lead to eye damage in particular, most notably diabetes.

9 - not to relent in damaged sight:

Lot of people take the existence of damage in the eye that is granted, does not deserve the attention and follow-up, these bad things in dealing with members of the body, especially the eye, where the eye become damaged cumulative. Deficit "is located in the eye will increase with age.

10 - Use proper lighting when reading and work:

In general, the light of day is one of the indirect lighting excellent environment for reading and work, in the case of the use of artificial lighting at night, it's best to come from behind or left of the reader, and not to be impressive nor weak.

11 - Non eyestrain to work for long periods of time:

Especially those who work in front of computer screens, or in the paperwork (such as reading, audit, etc.). We must take breaks every now and then, looking at the scenery far away to rest the eye muscles.

12 - Maintaining enough hours of sleep:

Access to enough hours on a daily basis has helped to take the eye sufficient rest, and can say that the duration of adequate sleep per day is 6-8 hours, to be in the night, do not be in the day, as happens with many people.

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