Venous circulatory disorders (medical consultation recommended)

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Venous circulatory disorders (medical consultation recommended)

Various problems related to poor blood circulation in the legs.

The working conditions of contemporary life (prolonged standing or sitting), poor nutrition and impoverished the vital components of our modern consumer, the more overweight and more frequent pregnancy, excessive heat (exposure Prolonged sun in summer, often too high heat range in the living quarters and offices in winter, floor heating, etc..) are all factors that put a strain on the venous circulation in lower limbs. Under their influence, superficial veins dilate and their valves provide progressively worse as their function to return blood to the heart. Result: first a sensation of heavy legs, combined with rapid formation of edema of the ankle and then in the medium term, the appearance of varicose veins on the legs more or less prominent - could be complicated by ulcer Varicose - or hemorrhoids annoying and often painful.

In France, 20 million people - one in two women - suffer little or no venous insufficiency. This shows the importance that this condition holds in the daily medical consultation.

In this area, natural therapies - including herbal remedies - some rules related to basic lifestyle modifications, are currently the best treatments that are often superior to synthetic molecules proposed by the modern pharmaceutical research.

If you want to effectively prevent or greatly improve your blood circulation problems, simply follow the advice of lifestyle modifications that we recommend here that are common to all these problems, then click - footer - on the particular disorder which you have to find the specific natural treatment that suits them best.

Tips lifestyle modifications common
all problems related to venous insufficiency

They are absolutely essential and must be integrated into your daily life to become
new "good" habits.

- Make every day a bit of walking and if you lack the time, never miss
opportunity that allows the practice without having to think. For example do not take - or more -
car for local errands, get two or three floors without elevator if
the state of your heart makes, etc.. Also make the bike as often as possible - without ever
force - and if your environment does not lend itself (urban terrain too hilly), think of the cycling
apartment particularly suitable for the elderly. Please also - alternation - a bit
Gymnastics adapted to this problem and circulatory your physical abilities, and
regular swimming if you have a pool close to your home or golf you
will work well in a very healthy environment. For those who are lucky enough to live on the edge
sea, take the time to walk barefoot in the water that swept the beach which is a
excellent and very pleasant natural massage.

- Do not wear socks or stockings that squeeze the legs. What varices related
only elastic bands poorly designed by manufacturers "bind him" literally the third
Lower leg! So take the time to select these accessories stores in primary
for good blood circulation.

- Avoid systematically standing or sitting cross-legged in too long
alternating one and the other on a regular basis throughout the day.

- Elevate the feet of the bottom of your bed by 5 to 10 cm with wood shims. This simple
able, easy to implement, provides excellent venous return during sleep, which is
not negligible since it still represents an average of one third of each day!

- Do not take hot baths, but showers tepid massaging your legs - always
from the bottom up - with the water jet.

- Lose some weight if you have a few extra pounds. You will find the best ways
simple and effective to do so by clicking on "Overweight".

- Avoid - or treat - constipation by taking the pollen is one of the best treatments
This natural digestive disorder so common in our society of consumption. We recommend
take a deep well rounded tablespoon of pollen in the form of pellets in a natural
large glass of freshly squeezed fruit juices (orange, lemon, grapefruit or apple) supplemented
of plain water every morning starting breakfast. Not only an excellent product of the
Beehive lets you prevent - or cure - while slowing your digestion but -
more - because of its many other properties, you rebalance, it will energize you and you

- Finally, the strictly food:
• Eat or drink as often as possible in the form of freshly squeezed juices, fruit following:
blackcurrant, lemon, blueberry and orange.
• Avoid all spicy foods, condiments, alcohol in all its forms (including appetizers
and digestive (but knowing that a glass of good wine is allowed at each meal), and the

Do not think that these measures are secondary or ancillary, they participate very actively to the good maintenance of blood circulation and greatly improve existing disorders. They are easy to integrate into your daily life. Put them into practice so regularly as soon as possible, because you quickly feel the benefits of all these small "drops" therapeutic ...

We remind you that you must now click on "heavy legs", "Varices", "Hemorrhoids," or "varicose ulcer" to find the best natural therapies that correspond to each of these disorders.

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