A vaccine for cancer growth

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A vaccine for cancer growth

That so-called growth of new blood vessels feeding the tumor tissue, a phenomenon associated with cancer, side by side.
In fact, this phenomenon begins when sacrificing the size of malignant tumor mass is slightly larger than a few millimeters only. Here, the cluster becomes "hard" and is able to stimulate formation of new blood vessels is the processing of the cancer cells with oxygen and nutrients.

At present, we find a variety of drugs that may pre-empt the risk vessels feeding the cancer. However, most of them are still under test was given after the effectiveness of attracting the attention of cancer researchers in science to it. In a related development, it helps Swedish researchers, at the Karolinska Institute ancient advanced scientific research, they discovered the protein, called the (DLL4), plays a fundamental role in terms of controlling the growth of blood vessels feeding the tumor mass malware. Is the expression of this protein inside the cells Ratios (Apical Cells) when it enters the new blood vessel formation mediated by a blood vessel offline.

In case the silence the expression of this protein, the large number of new blood vessels are disrupted and functions. Helping to slow the growth of the tumor mass. This is targeted for DNA vaccine for this new protein and cells of blood vessels Ratios cancer. It also works to strengthen the reaction of the body's immune system gained against this protein to undermine the growth of cancer.

In the first phase, aimed at breast cancer vaccine has proved the effectiveness of good treatment to laboratory mice for his success in disrupting the blood vessels of the new cancer. Making it unable to feed the cancer cells of oxygen and blood together.

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