Abscess, or boil the eye or sty Sty

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Abscess, or boil the eye or sty Sty

A quick introduction:


Dimple Sty and collecting boils Sties is a painful, red block on the edge of or within the party or the lids, commonly known as "beggar."
The abscess is usually due to the injury of bacteria in a single eyelash follicle root (follicle) of an eyelash.
Usually filled with pus and abscess pus Infiqie within a week.
May hamper your vision because the eye abscess is not fully open.
You can get more than a boil at the same time or sequentially, and, fortunately, most of the dimples disappear in a few days.
In case of persistent infection, a doctor prescribes an antibiotic ointment.


- The red block-like Wart
- Tumor on the eyelid
- Sensitivity to light
- A sense of rough eye
- Tears


Bacterial infection, usually staphylococcus

Risk factors and infection:

Dimple contagious, but not too badly, and to reduce the risk is wash your hands thoroughly.

Request assistance when a doctor?

- If the impact of an abscess to see you are annoying
- If the show is continuously and sequentially
- If not disappear on its own
- If he does not respond even with the application of home treatment

Medical treatment:

After to make sure a doctor or a specialist eye Baldml your injury, you will describe the form of an antibiotic cream or ointment.
The doctor may discharge pus to alleviate the distress and pain and feeling comfortable.
Usually does not require the patient to take antibiotics by mouth only if there is infection in the general Paljven.


- Put a clean and warm as four times a day for ten minutes to relieve pain and help Vqe boil more quickly
- Let boil Infiqie of his own and then wash your eyes well
- Wash your hands often because children are at risk of infection is

See also

- DML eyelid bacterial infection may recur

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