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Cholesterol is a fat is a component of the body and causes many of the tasks the positive as well as disadvantages.

Liver is the factory of the President of this article as well as some members Kal_khasip and skin The raw material is made of cholesterol, which is acetic acid where the liver produces about 70% of a body is found in animal fats just like eggs, meat, liver and spinal cord.

Of the positives of this article:

v enter in the composition of cell walls and contribute to the process control permeability.
v intervention in the installation of many vitamins and sex hormones such as progesterone and testosterone and estrogen.
v form the vanguard of installation choline and vitamin D and bile salts.

The human need of about 1000 mg per day of cholesterol makes the liver 700 mg of it and the rest can be provided by eating one egg, and is against increasing cholesterol in the blood that is deposited in the arteries, which could lead to a blockage in whole or part of the blood vessels (stroke), whether the brain or heart attack and double the risk with the presence of smoking, obesity and stress and anxiety.
May be argued that cholesterol is very bad and harmful to the very best to stay away from eating fats and oils that contain high levels of cholesterol, but this speech is far from the Health, there is cholesterol is necessary and there is bad cholesterol and the absence of necessary stops the body work, provided that the presence moderately to well-functioning.
There are facts that must be taken into account at the mention of the causes of high cholesterol in the blood, namely:

§ Not all religion have it and not all skinny free him.
§ Obesity increases the risk of cholesterol, but not always.
§ food has a big role in the emergence of cholesterol, but genetics is the determining factor (Genetic Factor), there are some families often complain of the disease 10% of cases are hereditary and must be dealt with cholesterol-lowering drugs.

When should a person check cholesterol?

Between 20-30 years old on the basis that if there was an increase in the level can be lowered early, before complications but when a human middle age, it must have to check cholesterol level annually, taking the sample blood is usually in the morning and the patient is fasting for 12 hours at least.
If affected pixels in the thyroid gland, this leads to difficulty in removing cholesterol from the blood and thus adsorbed on the arteries, and here must be addressed lazy thyroid gland under the supervision of endocrinologist.

The following table shows the natural ratios of cholesterol in the blood:

When is the level of cholesterol in the blood worrying?

If the proportion of total cholesterol of 250 mg / 100 SS blood for a person to think of how to reduce it, which is easy at this stage can be achieved by amending the food and less animal fat and increasing vegetables and exercise.
If the proportion of total cholesterol of 300 or more medical procedures should be taken more seriously, especially after the failure of diet, exercise and weight loss and the use of certain dietary supplements.

You must always be levels of cholesterol too low?

Ask the researchers to this question, increasingly, The decline in levels of total cholesterol below 160 mg / 100 SS blood can be dangerous, it has emerged in recent evidence that very low levels of cholesterol not be safe may suffer such persons from many problems They Okthir miles from the other by twice the risk of stroke Nzeffep or death from the disease chronic lung or embark on suicide, as well as they are more inclined to 3 times for cancer of the liver and the reason for the need for membranes fragile covering the brain cells to a certain level of cholesterol to function as appropriate, but the relationship between low cholesterol levels and the incidence of depression A study conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Barrett from the University of California, men who have the level of cholesterol low-less than 160 are much more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms and the reason for this is to lower cholesterol can reduce the some extent the concentration of the neurotransmitter serotonin is responsible for joy and happiness of the human and the lack of such carrier to lead to increased depression and aggression.
The problem of high cholesterol a problem for everybody and every human being should be wary of it, especially these days where the spread of prepared food rich in fat delicious.

The secret to the many traumatized by virtue of the saturated fat

If you suffer from high blood fat, try to follow the medical advice the following:

* Away as possible from the saturated fats found in butter and obesity and fast food Kalhamburgr and scallops and other western food.
* Remove the skin from chicken before cooking.
* Relief from eating animal products rich in cholesterol like liver and egg yolk.
Must select the types of milk and fat-free dairy products.
* Formation in meat and trying to replace the red meat white meat such as chicken, fish, seafood and not to eat canned meat may be possible.
Do not deal with fried foods because they contain large amounts of oils and try to replace the animal obesity and butter with vegetable oils in cooking
Focus on eating fruits and vegetables, legumes, lentils ... To contain high amounts of plant protein-free cholesterol as well as to contain a large proportion of dietary fiber, which reduces fat absorption.
* A kind of sport at half an hour a day swimming, running, fast walking and the best POWER WALKING.
* Refrain from smoking because the nicotine works to raise the level of bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol.
Eat garlic at 1-2 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach or 2 capsules of garlic.
Eat apples, it is proven by some researchers that eating 3 apples a day works to reduce cholesterol in the blood, 5% in patients due to the ability of material pectin, fiber, where a better distribution of fat, protein in the blood between the beneficial and harmful and the ability of fiber in the peel of cereals, vegetables and fruits absorption of this article and not allowing them to move into the blood and put it with feces.
• It is necessary to deal with natural grain Alkitusan where available in pharmacies such as LIPONIT where he found that this material property to absorb about 30% of fat consumed per day and put it with feces

Cocoa and cholesterol:

I have, he added. Besa Kappa cardiologist at the University of California to relax blood vessels means a better flow of blood and noted that the active compounds, especially in the arteries of rabbits cocoa protected from depression caused by high cholesterol in the blood

Of the benefits of lowering cholesterol:

According to recent studies that lowering the cholesterol level when you do not suffer from heart disease reduces the risk of coronary heart disease (angina) or myocardial infarction and death for this reason and this also applies to those suffering from high cholesterol or has the level of cholesterol is normal. It is also assist those who complain of the fight against obesity and overweight.

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