Cor foot

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Cor foot

Small tumor hard, very painful, sitting on the feet (toe joints most often, sometimes plant) due to compression of the integument squeezed between a shoe too narrow and the underlying bone.

Shoes that are too narrow, too rigid or forms that despise the anatomy of the foot in the name of a certain mode, squeezing the flesh against the bone of the phalanges, these small tumors cause severe skin and very painful-called horns, much more frequent in women than in men because, in footwear, the vast majority of them are routinely pass the aesthetics of a pair of shoes before walking comfort.

Note that two other keratoses of the feet also very common, namely the localized callus on the plant and the eye of partridge that sits between two toes, can meet the same treatment. Here are two good natural solutions to get rid of and no longer suffer so that your feet are back on "good works":


• Macerate few fresh leaves of ivy in a glass of vinegar for 8 days,
then cut them into pieces with scissors and stack several directly on the horn to treat.
Cover with a bandage very tight as you keep three days. If the horn does not come off
easy renewal of the first dressing, repeat the same application for the same
time. We recommend that you also take a bath foot extended from 15 to 20 minutes
in warm water before each dressing well to soften the tissues.

• Mix intimately two cloves garlic, finely grated in a half-teaspoon of honey and
coat the horn every night before bed with this mix you cover with a small
gauze held by a bandage and renew until disappearance of the horn that will fall apart
gradually scratching.

• Another technique, also very effective, is to make a poultice of natural propolis
simply purified - has been softened in the kneading few moments with your fingers - you
will apply directly to the horn (always after a prolonged foot bath) under occlusion, to
keep it there for about 2 or 3 days and renew to extinction.

• Finally we will deliver an old "recipe" - which we have no experience but who, they say, is
disappear as if by magic horn! ... It is to rub the horn every night for one to
two minutes with the handle of a sterling silver cover (forks and spoons money making
often part of the domestic variety, but any other object in the metal - a piece for example -
may also be the case). We have no rational explanation to offer, but as
it is simple and safe, you can always try and give us the results
so that we can better judge its merits in order to confirm or eliminate this "recipe" in

Of course, during either of these treatments, you must wear shoes
comfortable that meet perfectly the shape of your foot with - for you ladies - heels
not too high (not more than 3 to 4 cm), for this, we particularly recommend (outside
the ultimate is the "custom" financially accessible to a tiny minority) shoes
braided leather.

Exceptional case, your horn resisted these treatments, always avoid the grating as it attacks the
skin is then brought to produce even more cells died, and will instead see a (e)
pedicure, after taking stock of the situation, offers the best treatment.

After disappearance of the (s) horn (s) - that our fellow humorist Jean Delacour described with a spirit of "deceit of shoes" - remember that these are well above your feet which should dictate the form and not your shoes The reverse is, as is usually the case, to want to enter a rectangle in a triangle! ... Otherwise, it will continue to do well not to "walk" and you will, again, very likely to bite you in the fingers ... Foot!

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