Fried potatoes, raise the proportion of cervical cancer in women

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Fried potatoes, raise the proportion of cervical cancer in women

Studies say that it was difficult to make sure the increase in the number of cancer patients due to address Article «Alokarimlajd»

Scientists say that women who eat fried potatoes or Muhammarah daily expose themselves to risk of cancer of the uterus or ovaries, at rates up to twice those who do not do so.

And takes scientific uncertainty Akrlamaid material, a chemical produced from the process of cooking some foods.
The Dutch researchers questioned 120 thousand people on their eating habits and found that women who eat more of a substance Akrlamaid more vulnerable to infection.
British experts say that there were other factors, and advised women not to Inzaajn.
The laboratory tests indicated five years ago, that that article pose a threat, but that the study of the University of Mestrekhitt, which was published in the magazine «the cancer epidemic, evidence and prevention», is the first to demonstrate the relationship between the presence of Akrlamaid in food and cancer risk.
And more likely to contain foods that are colored or burned during the cooking Akrlamaid more than others.
Scientists say it is almost impossible to eat foods that are devoid of that article.
The Dutch study followed the case of a hundred and twenty thousand volunteers, including 62 thousand women for 11 years after the initial survey, and during that period they have been 327 women with uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and 300.
The analysis of such data to that consumed 40 mg of Akrlamaid day, the equivalent of half of biscuits, a plate or bag potato chips fried potatoes were more susceptible to these types of cancer rates up to twice those who do not eat less Akrlamaid.
Despite the size of the study, the researchers say the results need to be confirmed by further study.
In Britain discovered 6400 cases of cancer uterus, and ovaries of 7000 cases of cancer annually.
He urged a spokesman for the Food Standards British public to eat balanced meals containing many vegetables and fruits, while experts have said the EU should not be over-cooking foods.
D say. Lesley Walker of Cancer British studies it was difficult to make sure that the increase in the number of cancer patients returning to deal with acrylamide only, not other unhealthy components in the diets of women.
It says the food industry in recent years trying to reduce the amount of acrylamide in processed foods.
A study published in 2005 indicated that there was no evidence of a relationship Akrlamaid increase the incidence of breast cancer.

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