Cat bite worse than a dog bite ..

Publié par happy-diet dimanche 23 mai 2010

Cat bite worse than a dog bite ..

Dr. Mark Fdorf warned of the Union of health insurance companies, of underestimating bites cats.
He said that he had succeeded in isolating dangerous bacteria from the saliva of cats can be, in the case of infiltration into the blood, can cause inflammation of the heart valves or cortex of the brain and cause serious consequences to humans. This applies to the risk to children, the sick and the elderly in particular.

He Fdorf that 50% of cat bites led to the hazardous risk of disease, some seriously. This while the dog bites, the most in terms of notoriety, do not lead to disease only by 10 20%, noted that dog bites represent 42% of the bites of animals exposed to the Germans, followed by cats every year by 11%.

And contained most of the saliva samples Fdorf taken from the saliva of cats on the bacterium Pasteurella Multocida that may lead to infection b «rabies cats». It is therefore necessary to sterilize the place of the bite, antibiotics affecting this type of bacteria and blue against tetanus vaccine if needed.

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