Dysmenorrhea (Medical advice recommended)

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Dysmenorrhea (Medical advice recommended)

Difficult menstruation is accompanied by lower abdominal pain.

The painful periods are typical of many young girls and women who, each month, understand their arrival and will suffer more or less for a few days before and during them.

Dysmenorrhea may have an organic cause uterus (retroversion of the uterus, cervical stenosis, scarring, etc..), Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (PID, cervicitis), and especially endometriosis, which causes all involve medical or surgical specialist appropriate. But more often - fortunately - it is found no apparent cause that can explain it. In these cases, our natural pharmacy will help you. First, to relieve you greatly during the painful episode, then delete it often permanently. So do use it as a priority before choosing a chemotherapy treatment whose effectiveness is not always superior and that usually causes side effects more or less important than you probably prefer to avoid.

Is the treatment we offer:

1) take regular courses:

• Sage at a rate of 1 g of total micronized powder in capsules to swallow with a little water twice
(Morning and evening) before meals, three weeks per month (from 1st to the 20th day of the cycle).

• Viburnum decoction (boil 30 g of stem bark in a liter of water for 15 minutes and
filter) at a cup morning and evening after meals, or, more conveniently, a specialty
based pharmaceutical viburnum associated with other complementary plants also indicated
in the premenstrual syndrome: Aphloïne P *, with 2 teaspoonfuls of oral solution morning and
evening before the meal, the 21st day of the cycle until the arrival of the rules of the next cycle.
• wormwood powder in capsules micronized total of 1 g divided into three doses
(Morning, afternoon and evening before) the 15th day of the cycle until the arrival of the rules of the next cycle.

2) To implement the first pain dice:

• Rest in bed with a bottle or hot compress on the lower abdomen.

• Drink an infusion of Santana V3 *, where you add a tablespoon of rum and
you sweeten with a teaspoon of honey in a cup because of morning, afternoon and evening after
each meal (one fourth cup can be drunk by mid-morning or afternoon if necessary).

The menstrual pain is not inevitable, and this simple treatment will bring the natural solution to maintain a complete physical well-being and your whole serenity as well at the end than the beginning of each of your menstrual cycles.

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